Atlanta’s John Marshall has compiled a list of most commonly sought after forms, listed below by department or area of interest. If the form you are looking for is not on this page, try using the website search box at the upper right corner of your browser. If you still are not able to find the form, please reach out to the appropriate department directly. Our staff listings are located here.


Applications for Admission

Contact of Visit the Law School

Relocation Tuition Credit Application

Roommate Matching Form (updated 04/30/2018)

Student Ambassador Application (updated 08/23/2017)

Academic Affairs

Form One – Request for Variance from Academic Rules

Form Two – Request to Defer Course Paper, Seminar Paper, Directed Research Project or Supervised Research Paper

Form Three – Petition to Graduate

Form Four – Bar Certification Request

Form Five – Student Action Request (updated 08/17/15)

Form Six – Petition for Relief from Rules on Attendance (updated 04/22/16)

Form Seven – Registration Permission for Non-Classroom Courses

Form Eight – Accommodations Policy – Form A-B

Form Nine – Student Practice Rule: Student Oath (updated 08/6/15)


Credit Card Authorization (one-time only)

Credit Card Authorization (recurring)

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (updated 10/19/2017)

Locker Rental Agreement

Parking Application (Summer 2018, updated 04/18/2018)

Prior Semester/Year Authorization Request

J.D. Tuition Installment Application Form (Summer 2018, updated 04/18/2018)

LL.M. Tuition Installment Application Form (Fall 2017, updated 08/02/2017)

Student Loan Refund Request (2017-2018 Academic Year, updated 08/02/2017)

Student Business Card Request Form

Career Development

Job Posting Request Form, for employers

On-Campus Interviews (OCI) Form, for employers

Financial Aid

Consortium Agreement

Consortium Agreement Student Checklist

Eligible Non-Citizen Secondary Confirmation Required Form


Financial Aid Terms and Conditions (updated 07/20/17)

Loan Adjustment Request Form (updated 07/20/17)

Non-filer Form (updated 07/20/17)

Request for Aid Transfer (updated 07/20/17)

Request for Professional Judgment (updated 09/26/2017)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form  (updated 08/04/15)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Veterans Benefits (updated 07/20/17)

Verification Policy

Verification Worksheet (updated 07/20/17)

Voter Registration Form


Application for Graduation

Student Action Request Form (updated 08/17/15)

Accommodation Request Verification

Request from Variance of Academic Rules

Bar Certification Request

Petition for Reinstatement Following Academic Dismissal

Petition for Appeal from Ruling of the Associate Dean

Petition for Relief from the Rules of Attendance

Request to Defer Course Paper, Seminar Paper, Directed Research Project or Supervised Research Paper

Registration Permission for Non-Classroom Courses

Petition for Relief from Rules on Attendance