12Twenty – The Advocate

12Twenty – The Advocate

Welcome to our new and improved career services management (CSM) portal, 12Twenty! With this new system, you will experience an increase in ease of use, functionality, communication, and ultimately, satisfaction. While our previous CSM software had its share of difficulties, we made the change to 12Twenty to encourage and facilitate AJMLS students and graduates to take full advantage of their Career Development Office online, as well as in-person. We invite you all to explore the new site, set up your profiles, and begin familiarizing yourselves with the resources. The Career Development Office is excited about the possibilities for growth, collaboration, and success of our student body, and is committed to continuing to provide superior levels of service to the AJMLS community!

Student/Alumni Login Instructions

Please review the 12Twenty – The Advocate Student Handbook and use it as a guide.

If you have already signed up for 12Twenty, you can access the student login page here.

For student/alumni access and sign-up, please click here and follow these steps:

  1. Enter email
  2. Create password
  3. Review and agree (check the box) to the AJMLS Student Professionalism Agreement and 12Twenty’s Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

For any questions, concerns, issues or feedback regarding the use of 12Twenty, please feel free to email us at: careersupport@johnmarshall.edu.


  1. When did we switch to The Advocate (12Twenty)?
    – The release date was Friday, July 12, 2019
  2. What information transferred from Symplicity to the Advocate (12Twenty)?
    – Basic student data, student notes, jobs, employers, and employer contacts
  3. What should I list in 12Twenty?
    – Anything you want or think you’ll need to get hired! Resumes, Cover Letters, Documents, Pro Bono Hours, Community Service Hours, Externships, etc.
  4. Are my Pro Bono and Community Service hours noted in 12Twenty?
    – Yes. Pro Bono hours must be input in 12Twenty and can remain there for employers to view.
  5. Will my Externship experiences/hours be noted in 12Twenty?
    – Yes, students must input their field placement hours from their
    externship into 12Twenty.
  6. Can I access 12Twenty as an alumni?
    – Yes, alumni can use their AJMLS email address to access 12Twenty.

For any questions, concerns, issues or feedback regarding the use of 12Twenty, please feel free to email us at: careersupport@johnmarshall.edu.