Peer Mentor Program

Program Overview

The overall objective of the Peer Mentoring Program is to improve the quality of life for new students by providing social and personal support. By making mentors available to all first-year students, we hope to increase student retention, improve overall academic performance, provide an on-going orientation to all aspects of law school and foster academic and social integration.  Through sustained, supportive and nurturing mentor-mentee relationships, the program strives to enhance the learning and holistic development of our students.

“[My mentor] is an awesome mentor. She gave me good advice and insight about my courses. Outside of being a mentor, [my mentor] is a friend! She was there to lend an ear for me when  I was stressed first semester, and for the most part I can tell she would go out of her way to help anyone. It’s not just enough to call yourself a mentor, it takes actually engaging with your mentee and getting to know them.” –Bionca Thomas ‘19

“[My mentor] has been dedicated to my advancement at AJMLS since orientation. From the moment I met him I could tell he was a teacher at heart. We immediately exchanged contact information and set up a time to meet once a week. Most of the time the meetings were not academic based, but instead an opportunity to share hardships and troubleshoot solutions. Additionally, [he] provided me with several contacts in an attempt to secure a 1L internship. His contacts within the city of Atlanta’s government have proved invaluable. He is constantly checking in to see how I am doing and taking time out of his busy life to ensure my success. I could not have asked for a better mentor. In addition to his tireless efforts in helping me to become successful, [he] also helped me with my transition out of the military. He has given me advice on where to seek additional help in all aspects of this transition. He even texted me on Thanksgiving and Christmas to wish me happy holidays. If peer mentor of the year means that the peer mentor has helped in law school then that box is easily checked. Yet, if peer mentor of the year means going above and beyond what is asked in every possible way to ensure your mentees whole life is stabilized and balanced then [he] is a shoe in for this award. I would recommend him as a mentor to anyone coming into this school or to anyone in life.”- Bryan Dayton ‘19

Mentor and Mentee Selection 

Mentor Selection: All mentors are hand-picked, based on their academic success, interpersonal skills, and strong leadership skills. We expect our mentors to provide the sustained presence of a professional role model. Mentors are to act as a leader, guide, and coach by helping first-year students to acclimate to academic and social life. We hope that as a result of our combined efforts, our incoming students will have the support and guidance that they need to accomplish their academic and professional goals.

In selecting mentors, the faculty and administration consider the following criteria:

  • Academic Performance
  • Track record of working with students
  • Training and experience
  • Ability to establish rapport with students
  • Knowledge of the law school community and its resources

In pairing mentees with mentors, the program coordinators consider:

  • Background and experience
  • Academic interests
  • Legal Interests
  • Experience
  • Other points of commonality

Contact Information

Dean Sheryl Harrison
(678) 916-2681