Alumni Mentoring Program


The Alumni Mentoring Program is an opportunity for attorneys and future attorneys to engage in mentor/mentee relationships. The program is designed to help students continue to learn outside of the classroom with trained attorneys. The program was developed to equip students with resources that yield benefits during and after law school. The mentoring relationships are intended to be professional in nature. The program seeks to help students make the transition from an academic environment to the world of work. Lastly, the program offers an opportunity for professional development, networking, and an exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and the next generation of leaders.
“My mentor is a valuable resource. Despite our busy schedules, he makes time to help me with life. I can honestly say I have gained a friend.” – Brtiney Butler, ‘17

What is an alumni-mentor?

The mentor will be a guide, role model and resource. He/she will help the mentee focus on what he/she needs to grow personally and professionally. Moreover, the mentor will assist the mentee with learning specific knowledge and skills relevant to the mentee’s professional goals and gain knowledge about the culture of law and the unspoken rules that can be critical to student success and adapting to the world of work as a lawyer.

How does the matching process work?

The Office of Student Affairs matches participants based on points of commonality after collecting profile sheets from mentors and mentees.

What are the goals of the program?

The goals of the program are manifold. The program seeks to equip students with the skills and tools needed to make sound career decisions and to assist them in establishing and accomplishing short and long-term goals, both personal and professional. As a result of participation in the program, we hope that leadership, teamwork, creative thinking, decision making, and interpersonal skills will improve. We also hope that mentors will explore and discuss different career paths and practice areas with their mentees. Lastly, we hope to facilitate community building, character development and career advancement for both mentors and mentee.

Contact Information:

Dean Sheryl Harrison
(678) 916-2681