Student Bar Association

All enrolled students at AJMLS are automatically members of the Student Bar Association (“SBA”). The SBA is AJMLS’s student government and main student activities board. Each year, an executive board is created by the student body. The SBA works to represent all student viewpoints to the administration and faculty. The SBA’s functions are many and varied, but can be divided into three general categories: academic, service and social.

The SBA allocates the money from the student activity fee to the student organizations on campus, works to build a community among the Law School’s student organizations, and to build relationships with other schools to enhance each student’s law school experience. The SBA plans various professional, academic, community, and social events, including panel discussions, Finals Frenzy, the Spring Picnic and AJMLS’s annual Barrister’s Ball. Additionally, the SBA is the umbrella organization overseeing more than twenty student run organizations, each reflecting the diverse and unique aspects of the Law School’s student body.

The SBA also takes projects and initiatives as needs arise at the Law School. The primary objective of the SBA is to represent the viewpoints of student body, and serve as a conduit between the student body and administration. The SBA holds meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters to promote transparency. All enrolled students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

At AJMLS, each student has the opportunity and responsibility to take advantage of their law school experience. AJMLS’s plethora of student organizations, respected academic boards, esteemed faculty, passionate staff, and professionally exemplar alumni provide students with a unique opportunity to develop the necessary skills to have a fruitful and successful legal career. By choosing to reach new heights, working as a community, utilizing your resources effectively and persevering through adversity, you can develop a rewarding student experience. And so, for this experience to be yours, each student is challenged to be present, be intentional, and be impactful in every aspect of their legal education.

If you would like to learn how to get involved, contact any member of SBA in person or by e-mail at

Faculty Advisor – Dean Sheryl Harrison