The Law School is pleased to provide the following pages and resources to help you find the information you need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each department has outlined their most sought after information, organized on one easy to find page. Do you have a question that is not addressed? Let them know so that they can update their resources. You will also find this AJMLS Frequently Asked Questions button throughout the website that will help lead you back to the page.


All forms from all departments are now found on a singular forms page. Each section indicates department ownership so that you may reach out to them if you have any questions. You will also find this AJMLS Forms button throughout the website that will help lead you back to the page.

Student Handbook

Updated 3/4/2022

The Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Student Handbook is your guide to policies. The full publication, located at the link above, contains the following individual documents:

  • Institutional Policies, beginning on page 1 of Student Handbook (updated 3/4/2022)
  • Academic Code, beginning on page 27 of Student Handbook (updated 3/4/2022)
  • Dean’s Office Regulations, beginning on page 52 of Student Handbook (updated 3/4/2022)
  • Code of Student Responsibility, beginning on page 84 of Student Handbook (updated 8/10/16)

The Code of Student Responsibility governs the disciplinary process of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. Its primary purpose is to define the rights and responsibilities of John Marshall students, maintain the general welfare of the campus community, and to promote campus civility.

The Code of Student Responsibility describes behaviors that are prohibited, potential sanctions for Code violations, and the adjudication process for alleged violations.