Academic Achievement and Bar Success

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The Office of Academic Achievement and Bar Success’s (AABS) mission is to provide instruction, support, mentoring, and well-rounded educational programming to bolster and accelerate the learning process for students of all backgrounds in pursuit of achieving their academic goals. We serve as a resource for students seeking understanding, guidance, and direction as they pursue their legal education. Through the utilization of learning sciences combined with a focus on proactive engagement with students, faculty, and staff, our team helps maximize each individual student’s legal knowledge, skills, and competency while in law school. Additionally, we assist students in preparing for and achieving success on the bar exam through our Bar Support Program.

AABS serves as a resource center focused on enhancing and optimizing the academic and critical thinking skills that underline law school success. AABS offers multiple opportunities for students to identify, strengthen, and leverage their academic skills through individual assistance, group workshops, and formal course offerings. Below is the academic programming offered through AABS.

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Post-Graduation Bar Support

Supplemental Bar Support: Studying for the bar exam is not something that you have to do alone without support and expert advice. After graduation, alumni are provided with an opportunity to participate in the bar success program. The supplemental bar success program is not intended to be a substitute for a commercial bar review but rather is intended to be an added benefit and support program to alumni sitting and preparing for the upcoming bar exam. Additionally, Project 470, a new pilot program launched in November 2020, is a supplemental bar success program designed specifically for first-time takers and is available on an opt-in basis. Visit this page to learn more about the program.

Bar Coaching: Bar exam takers that participate in either the traditional supplemental program or Project 470 are paired with a bar review coach. This member of the AABS team offers support and strategies to students as they prepare for this difficult exam.

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