The John Marshall Law Journal is an annual, legal periodical consisting of contributed Articles, Student Notes and Comments, and Legislative Summaries.

The featured articles focus on a single, timely area of state, federal, or international law, while Student Notes and Comment cover a wider variety of other jurisprudence. The Legislative Summaries are concise, detailed descriptions of pending or recently enacted Georgia legislation and the effects said legislation will have upon the Georgia community.

In the Spring, the Journal hosts a Symposium, at which authors of the published pieces in the Spring issue, as well as panelists, and attendees, examine recent and pending legislation, significant court decisions, student commentary, and contributions by preeminent Georgia scholars and practitioners.

Please cite as J. Marshall L.J.


The mission of the Journal is to serve as an informative resource to the Georgia legal community via an annual symposium and publication on a variety of jurisprudence including but not limited to: a comprehensive examination of recent and pending Georgia legislation, discussion of the likely impacts of significant court decisions on both the local and national level, practical commentary by students on precise legal issues, and contributions by preeminent scholars and practitioners from local and foreign jurisdictions.

Member Composition

The Journal is led by an elected Editorial Board, guided by a Faculty Advisor, Professor Jeffrey Van Detta. Second, third, and fourth year students staff the Journal and receive invitations to join based on their academic success and writing skills. The Journal provides each member additional educational opportunities by promoting excellence in research, writing, and analytical skills. Journal staff members work cooperatively with authors to further the Journal’s mission by creating, editing, and publishing each issue.

John Marshall Law Journal Members, Volume XIII, 2019-2020

Editorial Board
Marie Sussenbach (Editor in Chief)
Nicholas Pope (Executive Managing Editor)
Jessica Burton (Executive Legislative Editor)
Alix Orlando (Corresponding Editor-at-Large)

Line Editors
Avery Archer
Andrew Tuggle

Staff Editors
Charlie Carr
Morgan Eipper
Adam Lowney
Tessa Martin
Miriam Perfecto
Megan Peterson
Will Sizemore
Chris Williams

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Direct Contacts

Marie Sussenbach
Editor in Chief
Atlanta’s John Marshall Law Journal

Jeff Van Detta
Faculty Advisor