Terms & Conditions

The Award Notice

The Award Terms and Conditions document includes information associated with award sources offered.  By accepting the financial aid awarded, the student certifies that (s)he will maintain the minimum standard of academic progress to maintain general eligibility for financial aid and understands, agrees with, and will abide by these conditions.  The standard practice of the Office of Financial Aid is to assume the student will accept the awards as offered. PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to return the Award Notice unless the student meets one of the conditions in the CHANGING OR DECLINING AWARDS section of the Terms and Conditions.

Student Certification

By accepting the financial aid awarded, the student gives permission to Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School to use financial aid funds to pay the current term bill and any charges already in arrears, up to $100, that exceed tuition/fees, library fines, parking fees, etc.

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions (under Financial Aid)