Student Organizations

Alumni Association

The goal of the Student Alumni Association (SSA) is to facilitate interaction between students and alumni and to enhance the student experience by providing opportunities that strengthen their lifelong loyalty to AJMLS. SAA provides unique benefits from networking with alumni, to connecting with other students.

American Bar Association

The ABA is the leading voice of the legal profession in the nation. The ABA’s activities include law school accreditation, continuing legal education for lawyers, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, guidelines on ethics and rules of professional conduct and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. The ABA also develops programs and publications specifically targeted to help law students succeed in their studies and in building their legal careers.The Law Student Division is concerned with legal education and works with the Section of Legal Education on issues of mutual concern. The division also has an impact on practical and professional skills development and provides assistance in the search for jobs, both during and after graduation from law school. Additionally, the Division offers leadership training, public service opportunities, career development programming, and practical skills competitions.

Asian Law Students Association

Asian Law Student Association (ALSA) was founded in the fall of 2010 by Paul Nam and Wellington Tzou in the hopes to achieve Asian awareness, networking and community and philanthropy service throughout the greater Atlanta area. The association strives to assist one another in academics through information and accountability. Additionally, each member will receive educational and moral support from the organization as well as possible internship and job opportunities through association’s resources. Also, ALSA accommodates first-year students in adapting to the law school life and enhance their experience at AJMLS.

Black Law Students Association

The AJMLS chapter of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) was founded in 1971. BLSA’s primary purpose is to deal with the special concerns of Black law students and lawyers. The association acquaints students with the professional opportunities, problems and responsibilities they will have as practicing members of the Bar. BLSA encourages full participation of all students in the activities of the law school. It also attempts to foster closer contact with present members of the legal profession. BLSA has involved itself in numerous activities in the past, including group sessions with visiting high school students, a school sponsored CLE honoring civil rights pioneers and a pipeline project to increase the presence of minorities in law school and law practice.

Caribbean Law Students Association

The purpose of the Caribbean Law Students Association (CLSA) is to provide a network for academic and professional mentorship for law students who are of Caribbean origin, have ties to the region or have an interest in learning about Caribbean culture and heritage. CLSA is committed to providing workshops and programs to benefit our members, the AJMLS student body, and the community at large.

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society is a newly reactivated student organization on Atlanta’s John Marshall Campus. We are a faith-based organization which encourages its members, and the legal community, to love the Lord. We also encourage students to seek to employ practices throughout their legal careers consistent with their Christian values.

Corporate and Business Law Society

The AJMLS Corporate Law Society (CBLS) is a collaborative student union dedicated to providing its members with the opportunity to gain insight in the field of corporate law. We strive to add value towards our members’ future legal careers by coordinating programs and networking opportunities that will familiarize them with the daily legal issues encountered by transactional attorneys and expose them to different types of complex transactional work. By providing a forum for students to learn about business law issues and practical guidance from experienced professionals, we can facilitate the expansion of our network in the corporate law community.

Criminal Law Society

The mission of the Criminal Law Society (CLS) is to provide a forum in which to address the unique legal issues facing the criminal justice system, create opportunities for students interested in criminal law to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges and community organizations that work in the field and to empower law graduates to pursue their career goals in criminal law. CLS is also dedicated to providing a forum for its members and the law school at large to explore current discourse, issues, and interests in different areas of criminal law, including careers and internship opportunities.

Environmental Law Society

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) brings together students interested in environmental law and policy, and organizes programs and projects such as lectures, curricula, recycling and energy conservation. The mission of our organization is to promote environmental awareness throughout our school and community, encourage activism in environmental issues, and help give students interested in environmental law a means to meet people working in the area of environmental law while learning more about the career options available in the field.

Federalist Society

The Federalist Society was started in 1982 by law students from Harvard, Yale, Stanford and the University of Chicago. Today there are student chapters at more than 100 schools, including an active chapter at AJMLS. Two of the founding tenets of the society are that the Constitution should be interpreted in the light in which it was written by the founding fathers, and that judges should interpret the law, not create it.

Georgia Association of Women Lawyers

The AJMLS chapter of the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) was formed in 2004. The mission of the chapter is to educate and inform AJMLS students on matters pertaining to their professional interests and status, aid in the administration of justice, to do the things necessary and proper to promote ad advance the objectives of statewide GAWL, and to encourage participation by all members of the chapter. AJMLS is an active chapter that leverages its proximity to the heart of the Atlanta business sector to network, provide programs with depth, and to learn about the law, the practice of law, and the business of law before becoming practicing attorneys.

Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

The student chapter of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (SGTLA) is dedicated to assisting the collective membership of GTLA in strengthening and upholding Georgia’s civil justice system and protecting the rights of Georgia citizens and consumers. SGTLA exists to offer encouragement and support to every student who is interested in advocacy and upholding Georgia’s civil justice system and protecting the rights of Georgia citizens and consumers. Further, SGTLA works in conjunction with the members of GTLA to ensure that Georgians know and understand the importance of their rights to justice and to make certain that these rights, which are at the very core of what it means to be American, are safeguarded and protected.

Health Law Society

The mission of the Health Law Society (HLS) is to create a venue in which students and professionals may gain exposure to the legal aspects of the expanding health care industry. HLS promotes exposure to this growing area of law through meetings, guest speakers, discussions and other various activities open to all interested students and professionals.

Immigration Law Society

The Immigration Law Society (ILS) is a law student organization dedicated to meeting the need for greater awareness, support and dissemination of timely information that relates to current federal immigration laws and policies to members of the AJMLS community and those individuals seeking asylum, temporary or permanent residency, or citizenship in the United States. ILS also seeks to bring together immigration law attorneys and judges, Atlanta-area law students and legal workers and community advocates in the Atlanta area to serve the growing Metropolitan Atlanta immigrant population.

Intellectual Property Society

The Intellectual Property Society (IPS) seeks to encourage and promote student interest in intellectual property law. In addition to providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas in intellectual property law, the IPS sponsors speakers, seminars, and conferences that cover a wide variety of current topics in patent, trademark and copyright law. The organization also participates in events sponsored by counterpart organizations at other area law schools.

International Law Students Association

The International Law Students Association (ILSA) is a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law. ILSA provides students with opportunities to study, research, and network in the international legal arena. The organization’s activities include academic conferences, publications, the global coordination of student organizations and the administration of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Jewish Law Students Association

The Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) collects and distributes information of interest to Jewish law students, serves as a means of exposing law students to legal issues of concern in the Jewish community and encourages law students to identify with the Jewish community. JLSA feels that it is important to promote and provide access to Jewish events, culture and holiday traditions, to oppose antisemitism through education, to provide a forum for discussing issues or current events pertaining to Jewish individuals, to serve as a liaison to other organizations within the Jewish community and the community at large and to improve the quality of Jewish life in the AJMLS community.

Labor & Employment Law Society

The Labor and Employment Law Society works with the faculty, staff, alumni, and other student organizations to provide information and professional resources to students interested in careers in labor and employment law, to advocate for issues relevant to labor and employment law, to create networking opportunities within the legal community, to plan and organize relevant events and discussion panels, and to provide a forum for students with similar interests.

Latin American Law Students Association

The Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) is a student-run organization founded in 2010 with the goals of increasing awareness of Latino issues among our peers, providing personal, academic and professional support for our members, and being involved with community service projects in the greater Atlanta area. LALSA aims to create and promote a healthy and prosperous environment for the study of law and the personal development of all law students and also to articulate and promote the needs and goals of Latino and Latina students at AJMLS. Through our events, we hope to share Latino culture with the community at large and to assist in the professional, educational, intellectual and emotional development of our members.

Law Journal

The Law Journal is managed entirely by a student board of editors, who solicit, edit and publish articles and book reviews written by scholars, judges and practicing attorneys. Almost half of the content of the Journal is written by students. Membership on the  Journal provides many opportunities and benefits. Students work together to achieve a high level of analytical and writing skill. The Journal also provides students with an opportunity to contribute to the professional literature and to influence the development of the law. Election to the Journal’s board of editors is one of the highest honors a law student can achieve.

Leadership Lecture Series

The Leadership Lecture Series offers leadership-focused programs throughout the semester that explore the fundamental values of the legal profession, engage civic leaders at the highest levels, inspire ethical public service and build students’ confidence in their abilities to lead others and effect positive change. Our student leaders have played an integral role in identifying speakers for the series, topic selection, and planning and marketing these events.

Litigation Society

The purpose and mission of the Litigation Society are to provide a venue for students to learn about the civil and criminal litigation processes; to connect with and learn from organizations, agencies and legal professionals engaged in these practice areas; to provide resources for the development of members’ careers in civil and criminal litigation; to enhance the experiences of students interested in pursuing careers in, learning about, or becoming active in various facets of these practice areas; and to serve as a social organization open to all parties interested in exploring the social, political, cultural, and legal perspectives of civil and criminal litigation . The organization’s annual activities include hosting guest speakers from Atlanta’s legal community, holding networking events for students and local practitioners, and hosting social mixers for AJMLS students.

Moot Court Board

The Moot Court and Advocacy Board at AJMLS is an intensive program of advocacy training in a competitive environment. The program provides students the opportunity to develop written, oral, and team-based advocacy skills. Each year, the Board sends teams across the country to compete against other law schools for top honors. The Moot Court and Advocacy Board has developed a national reputation for its advocacy skills, built on years of hard work and dedicated members.


OutLaw is an organization of law students that seeks to foster a greater awareness of the legal issues concerning gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals. To accomplish this objective, we encourage discussion, debate, and diverse opinions on these topics in an atmosphere of mutual respect and open-mindedness. We also encourage participation in discussions concerning current legal issues for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals under the laws and policies of our nation, states and governmental organizations.

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is the largest law fraternity in the country and is a great organization from which to begin your legal career. The purpose of this fraternity is to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual and cultural advancement, so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

Prosecutors’ Club

The Prosecutors’ Club provides members with practical knowledge of the skills necessary to practice as a prosecutor, connects members with practicing prosecutors and judges in the regional area in which they plan to practice. It accomplishes this in part by encouraging and advocating membership and participation in local bar associations and by facilitating discussion, debate and dialogue in an atmosphere where individuals feel free to speak their views.

Public Defenders Club

The Public Defenders Club helps train law students interested in the area of indigent defense. The club helps mentor future public defenders in how to best serve their clients and how to work within and change the criminal system with regards to indigent defense. The club also conducts activities that create social awareness and that encourage civic and social responsibility.

Public Interest Law Society

To act as a resource for AJMLS students interested in public interest law. The organization is dedicated to the development of public interest law awareness and opportunities within the legal profession. This will be accomplished by providing assistance for students interested in public interest careers and facilitating hands-on experience. We assist this cause by raising funds for grants for students working in the public interest sector.

Real Property Law Society

The Real Property Law Society provides an opportunity for students to explore topics in real estate and related real property issues. Furthermore, the society provides a forum for students interested in real property to engage with professionals from the legal community who can provide insight into their specific fields of practice. These engagements include inviting legal practitioners and prominent real estate professionals to speak on various real property topics, social events and mentorship opportunities to enable students to increase their knowledge of the field and develop contacts that could lead to employment opportunities. The society intends to impact AJMLS Students by stimulating greater interest in real estate law and increasing awareness of what a real property law practice actually entails. We welcome all AJMLS students who are interested in any aspect of real property law, or those who are not yet sure of their interests, to participate in the exciting events the Society has to offer.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The AJMLS Sports and Entertainment Law Association is a student-run organization that sponsors various sports and entertainment law related events for educational and networking purposes. This organization brings in guest lecturers from major sports and entertainment firms to give lunch talks, collaborates with the Atlanta Association of Young Lawyers and the Atlanta Bar Association to organize workshops and outings, and brings in speakers from major sports law institutes. Its primary goal is to assist aspiring sports and entertainment attorneys in making the necessary connections to secure employment in sports and entertainment law. Its secondary goal is to educate law students about current trends in the sports and entertainment legal market.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund is an organization dedicated to promoting the awareness of animal rights and educating the law school community about the legal protection of animal welfare. Its goal is to assist animal rights organizations such as the ASPCA and local animal shelters. SALDF strives to provide opportunities for students to learn more about and explore the field of animal law through panel discussions on campus and community volunteering.

Student Bar Association

All enrolled students at AJMLS are automatically members of the Student Bar Association, the School’s student government organization. Each year, an executive board is created by the student body. The primary objective of the SBA officers is to bring student viewpoints into the educational process at AJMLS. The SBA works to represent all student points of view to the administration and faculty. The SBA’s functions are many and varied, but can be divided into three general categories, academic, service, and social. The SBA sponsors speakers and forums to enhance the learning experience, community service projects to increase social consciousness and responsibility and socialevents to help students unwind from the pressures of law school.