Student Organizations

Black Law Students Association

The AJMLS chapter of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) was founded in 1971. BLSA’s primary purpose is to deal with the special concerns of Black law students and lawyers. The association acquaints students with the professional opportunities, problems and responsibilities they will have as practicing members of the Bar. BLSA encourages full participation of all students in the activities of the law school. It also attempts to foster closer contact with present members of the legal profession. BLSA has involved itself in numerous activities in the past, including group sessions with visiting high school students, a school sponsored CLE honoring civil rights pioneers and a pipeline project to increase the presence of minorities in law school and law practice.

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society is a newly reactivated student organization on Atlanta’s John Marshall Campus. We are a faith-based organization which encourages its members, and the legal community, to love the Lord. We also encourage students to seek to employ practices throughout their legal careers consistent with their Christian values.

Corporate and Business Law Society

The AJMLS Corporate Law Society (CBLS) is a collaborative student union dedicated to providing its members with the opportunity to gain insight in the field of corporate law. We strive to add value towards our members’ future legal careers by coordinating programs and networking opportunities that will familiarize them with the daily legal issues encountered by transactional attorneys and expose them to different types of complex transactional work. By providing a forum for students to learn about business law issues and practical guidance from experienced professionals, we can facilitate the expansion of our network in the corporate law community.

Criminal Law Society

The mission of the Criminal Law Society (CLS) is to provide a forum in which to address the unique legal issues facing the criminal justice system, create opportunities for students interested in criminal law to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges and community organizations that work in the field and to empower law graduates to pursue their career goals in criminal law. CLS is also dedicated to providing a forum for its members and the law school at large to explore current discourse, issues, and interests in different areas of criminal law, including careers and internship opportunities.

Georgia Association of Women Lawyers

The Georgia Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) is a statewide organization that works to enhance the welfare and development of women lawyers and support their interests. Formed in 2004, the AJMLS chapter works closely with the parent organization to enhance the experience of students and foster a networking relationship with practitioners in the area. While providing these links, the chapter also strives to provide the school’s community with programs and assistance that meets the needs and interests of our very diverse membership. Our events attempt to educate about the law, the practice of law, and the business of law before becoming practicing attorneys to ensure the continued support of women lawyers as they take their rightful place as leaders in the state of Georgia.

Health Law Society

The AJMLS Health Law Society promotes awareness of the impact of health law on today’s legal climate and gives students a window into the opportunity that exists in this rapidly expanding area of law. Through our educational panel initiatives, group interaction and opportunities for community service we hope that we can offer the students at AJMLS the information necessary to explore this exciting arena of law.

Law Journal

The Law Journal is managed entirely by a student board of editors, who solicit, edit and publish articles and book reviews written by scholars, judges and practicing attorneys. Almost half of the content of the Journal is written by students. Membership on the  Journal provides many opportunities and benefits. Students work together to achieve a high level of analytical and writing skill. The Journal also provides students with an opportunity to contribute to the professional literature and to influence the development of the law. Election to the Journal’s board of editors is one of the highest honors a law student can achieve.

OUTLaws and Allies

A newly reactivated student organization, OUTLaws and Allies is a law school chapter of the Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia. The organization strives to promote a more decent national community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and allied persons. OUTLaws and Allies is also dedicated to harnessing the values of compassion and respect for all individuals in American society, and recognizing civil liberties and legal protections for all within our community.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The AJMLS Sports and Entertainment Law Association is a student-run organization that sponsors various sports and entertainment law related events for educational and networking purposes. This organization brings in guest lecturers from major sports and entertainment firms to give lunch talks, collaborates with the Atlanta Association of Young Lawyers and the Atlanta Bar Association to organize workshops and outings, and brings in speakers from major sports law institutes. Its primary goal is to assist aspiring sports and entertainment attorneys in making the necessary connections to secure employment in sports and entertainment law. Its secondary goal is to educate law students about current trends in the sports and entertainment legal market.

SOLO Practitioners’ Law Society

The Solo Practitioners’ Law Society (SPLS) is dedicated to promoting, assisting, educating, and facilitating future lawyers in the management of a solo law practice. We provide rare and unique information from those already in the trenches running their own successful solo practices, as opposed to just textbook theory. If you want to run a solo practice after you graduate from AJMLS and pass the Bar, then SPLS is the place for you!

Student Bar Association

All enrolled students at AJMLS are automatically members of the Student Bar Association, the School’s student government organization. Each year, an executive board is created by the student body. The primary objective of the SBA officers is to bring student viewpoints into the educational process at AJMLS. The SBA works to represent all student points of view to the administration and faculty. The SBA’s functions are many and varied, but can be divided into three general categories, academic, service, and social. The SBA sponsors speakers and forums to enhance the learning experience, community service projects to increase social consciousness and responsibility and socialevents to help students unwind from the pressures of law school.