John Marshall Advocacy Board

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The purpose of the Advocacy Board is to promote and supervise all designated Moot Court and Mock Trial sponsored competitions and to provide opportunities for students to develop their writing and oral advocacy skill sets to better prepare the Advocacy Board to represent AJMLS in competitions. To accomplish this purpose, the Board shall promote a close, working relationship with its members, the AJMLS student body, participating alumni, Faculty Advisor, and the local bar.


All full-time and part-time students enrolled at AJMLS with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 are eligible for admission to Advocacy Board. A student may receive an invitation to the organization by successfully competing through the G. Alan Blackburn Moot Court Competition or the Richardson Lynn Moot Court Competition, which is the intra-school competition held before the start of the Fall semester.

Judge Blackburn is an AJMLS graduate (1968) and served 17 years on the Georgia Court of Appeals including two years as Chief Judge. Dean Emeritus Richardson Lynn served as Dean of AJMLS for eight years, retiring in the summer of 2014.

Finalists for the G. Alan Blackburn Intra-school Moot Court Competition.

2015 Finalists for the G. Alan Blackburn Moot Court Competition, pictured left:

Robert Rentfrow- Best Appellee Oralist and Best Appellee Brief

Sierra Vollrath- Best Appellant Oralist and Best Appellant Brief

Zachary Moore- Runner-up Best Appellee Oralist

John Rose- Runner-up Best Appellant Oralist

Executive Board 2015 – 2016

Chair: Michael Barrett

Vice Chair, Moot Court Track: Antoinette Clarington

Vice Chair, Mock Trial Track: Sarah Pomella

Vice Chair, Moot Court Track: Anthony Showell

Vice Chair, Mock Trial Track: Vacant

Faculty Advisor: Suparna Malempati Alumni Coaches: Mathis Wilkens

Board Members 2014 – 2015

December 2014 Graduates: Stephanie Garner, Nickolas Kitchens, Samuel Radin, Uchenna Uzoka, Mathis Wilkins, and Daniel Ybanez

May 2015 Graduates: Chantiel Bell, Rodrigo Silvo, and Kimberly Stahl

December 2015 Graduates: Amber Reed

May 2016 Graduates: Michael Barrett, Antoinette Clarington, Spencer Fredericks, Stephanie Housefield, Homer Jordan, Ellakisha O’Kelley, Anthony Showell, Samantha Trippedo, and Shawntae Woodhouse

May 2017 Graduates: Annie Mulligan, Abigail Potter, Tracey Watson, and Shawnta Williams, Sierra Vollrath, Zachary Moore, John Rose, Sadia Ali, Anna Wyatt, Michael Russ, Jessica Gomez

May 2018 Graduate: Robert Rentfrow

2015 – 2016 Competition Teams

Moot Court Track:

Stetson National Pre-Trial (Fall) Team: Sadia Ali, Michael Barrett, Olivia Fisher, and Amber Reed Alumni Coach: Mathis Wilkens

Mercer (Fall) Team 1: Van Armstrong and Sierra Vollrath Team 2: James Manly and Anna Wyatt Alumni Coach: Mathis Wilkens Student Coach: Amber Reed

Spring Competitions TBA

Mock Trial Track:

Carolina Invitational (Fall) Team: James Boles, Sarah Pomella, Adrienne Thornton, and Sarah Wardlow Alumni Coach: Mitchell McGough

William Daniel Team: Michael Barrett, Gabrielle Bloodsaw, Emily Sue Heidt, and Michelle Jones Alumni Coach: Mitchell McGough

Spring Competitions TBA

2015-2016 Accomplishments

Stetson 2015-2Stetson National Pre-Trial Best Defendant’s Memorandum of Law Team: Sadia Ali, Michael Barrett, Olivia Fisher, and Amber Reed Alumni Coach: Mathis Wilkens Faculty Adviser: Suparna Malempati Stetson 2015-1b

John Marshall Moot Court Archives

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