FAQ for Student Services

The Office of Student Services is committed catering to the educational, professional, and networking needs of our students while in law school. The department offers services and support to students to enhance growth and development, both professionally and personally. Students who have any questions pertaining to the Office of Student Services are welcome to speak with Dean Sheryl Harrison at studentservices@johnmarshall.edu or print a downloadable copy of the Office of Student Services Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Office of Student Services?
The Office of Student Services provides support for students and student organizations to maximize the quality of their experience at the law school. Our office is committed to empowering students to develop leadership, organizational, academic, and professional skills that will enhance their transition from the academic arena to the professional world. In keeping that pledge, we provide counseling to help students reach their academic goal. Additionally, our office addresses student concerns and suggestions for improvements.

The Office of Student Services is staffed by the Associate Dean of Student Services. The Associate Dean  also oversees all student groups and strongly encourage collaboration and coalitions among student groups, especially when planning events. The department also provides advisement to students, assists with program planning and implementation, mediates disputes among and within student groups, and represents the student groups’ perspectives to the faculty and administration.

If I need help choosing my courses, who should I contact?
The Associate Dean of Academics and the Associate Dean of Students are available to offer you academic counseling and to assist you with mapping your course selections during your law school career. You can view a sample course load for full-time and part-time students on the AJMLS website.

What is the Peer Mentor Program?
The Peer Mentoring Program was created specifically for incoming students to help them navigate the first-year experience and engage with the AJMLS community by providing social and personal support. The goal of the program is to increase student retention, improve overall academic performance, provide an on-going orientation to all aspects of law school, and foster academic and social integration. Each first-year student is assigned a mentor. Mentors undergo extensive training, and are responsible for helping their mentees navigate through the everyday challenges of school, society, and the community by drawing upon knowledge and experience.

What kind of assistance and support does a peer mentor provide?
Peer Mentors provide guidance and support to their mentees to facilitate their transition to the law school environment academically and socially. Since they are upperclassmen, they have already completed the first-year experience. They are a wealth of knowledge, are very resourceful, and can answer new students’ questions about wide-ranging issues, from housing and the challenges of law school, to extracurricular activities and preparing for classes.
Peer mentors are required to communicate regularly with their mentees, whether it is face-to-face or by other means of communication, such as email.

If I am having concerns about my peer mentor, what can I do?
If you encounter a problem, please address this concern to the Associate Dean of Students.

What is OrgSync?
OrgSync is an online student organization management system that allows students to create personal profiles and get involved in the AJMLS student community. On OrgSync, students are able to become members of student organizations, keep up with organization events, news, important information and keep in contact with other organization members. All students are automatically registered on OrgSync.

How do I activate my OrgSync account?
To activate your OrgSync account, go to www.orgsync.com, create a new account using your AJMLS email address and create a password. Click “Create New Account” and join a student organization.

If I need to access services and resources that are available locally, what do I do?
AJMLS has a resource list on OrgSync that provides information on local healthcare clinics, counseling services, eldercare services, and disability services. The list also provides students with local services for food, clothing, housing and legal aid.

What is the SBA and what do they do?
SBA is the acronym for Student Bar Association. The SBA is the student government organization for the school. Each year, an executive board is elected by the student body. The purpose of the SBA is to bring the student perspective to AJMLS. This includes representing the student body and its diverse issues and concerns in three categories – academic, service and social. The SBA sponsors speakers and forums to enhance the learning experience, coordinates community service projects, and social events for the student body.

How do I become a member of the SBA?
All enrolled students at AJMLS are automatically members of the SBA. Please contact your SBA representatives to find out how you can get more involved.

How do I get involved in other student organizations?
The name and mission of each student organization can be found on the AJMLS website. To access this information, once on the AJMLS website, go to the “AJMLS Students” tab and select “Student Services”. From there, click “Student Organizations”. Information on student organizations and student organization events can be accessed on OrgSync.

How many student organizations are there on campus?
There are currently 30 student organizations on campus. These organizations represent various professional, academic, cultural, and recreational interests of the student body. The number of student organizations can fluctuate each year based on student interest.

How do I start a student organization?
New student groups may apply to the SBA and the Associate Dean of Students for recognition by AJMLS. Student organizations that are officially recognized by the law school are given access to an array of campus services, facilities, and systems. There is a process to seek initial recognition. To apply for recognition, your group or organization must complete a “Student Group/Organization Initial Recognition Request Form.” This form is available on OrgSync on the Student Services page. For a request for recognition to be approved, membership must be open to all AJMLS students. More information on this process can be found in the Student Organizations Manual. The Manual can be accessed on the Student Services and SBA OrgSync pages.

How do I join a student organization?
You can join an organization through OrgSync. Click on “Organizations” on the community page, and select the organizations you are interested in becoming a member, click on “Join Now.”

How do I find out more information about each student organization?
At the beginning of each academic year, the Office of Student Services coordinates a Student Organization Expo. The purpose of the Expo is to provide students with an opportunity to find out more about the school’s student organizations. For more information, you can contact the Office of Student Services.

What is the process for becoming a member of the AJMLS Law Journal?
Full-time and part-time students must complete Torts, Contracts, Property, Civil Procedure, and Legal Writing, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to apply to the Journal. Once a member of the John Marshall Law Journal, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. Prospective members are invited to join the Journal through a semi-annual write-on competition. Students will be asked to submit a memorandum based upon a topic of the Editorial Board’s choosing. Students will also be asked to complete Bluebook Citation and Cite-checking exercises. Each submission is graded anonymously by members of the Journal. Those submissions that meet the criteria previously determined by the Editorial Board will be invited to join the Journal.

What is the process for becoming a member of a moot court or mock trial competition team?
First-year students are not eligible to compete on moot court or mock trial competition teams; however, students who are interested in learning more about try-outs and the eligibility requirements should contact the Office of Student Services.

If I have witnessed or have knowledge of a violation of the Code of Student Responsibility, do I have to report it?
The Code of Student Responsibility states that any student who has knowledge of a code violation should report it to the Associate Dean of Students or the Associate Dean of Academics.

If I have a personal or professional problem and need advice or a referral, who should I speak to?
Please contact the Associate Dean of Students or the Assistant Director of Students.

If I have a complaint, suggestion, or concern that I would like to discuss, who should I speak to about it?
The Associate Dean of Students and Assistant Director of Student Services have open door policies and welcome your feedback.

If I have complaints or suggestions about how to improve the school who should I bring them to?
The Office of Student Services is available for students to communicate their concerns and/or suggestions. The Office of Student Services has an open-door policy, but you may also call to schedule an appointment to speak with the Associate Dean of Students.

If I am having a conflict with another student what should I do?
Please contact the Associate Dean of Students who can mediate student disputes.

How do I reserve a room for my organization?
To reserve a room for an event, you must complete the Event Approval Form. There is a section on this form entitled, “Organization Meeting Room Request”, where you will be required to provide a first and second room choice for your event. The Event Approval Form should be submitted through ORGSYNC at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled event. If the room reservation request is not for an event, simply complete an “Organization Meeting Room Request” Form on OrgSync.

Where do I go to obtain information about scholarship opportunities?
The Office of Student Services has compiled a list of external scholarship opportunities. The list is available on the school’s website. You must be enrolled at the school to access the scholarship list.

How do I access the AJMLS Classified Ads?
The Office of the Student Services maintains the School’s Classified Ads page. To access it, you must first log into your AJMLS email account. Then, proceed to AJMLS homepage. Go to the “AJMLS Students” tab, click on “Student Services” on the dropdown menu. Once you are in the Student Services page, click on “Classified Ads” on the left column.

Pearce & Pearce Health Insurance Program

Does AJMLS provide health insurance to students?
AJMLS offers a low-cost health insurance plan to all students. All students are required to have and maintain medical health coverage while enrolled at AJMLS. All students will automatically be enrolled in a health plan with Pearce & Pearce, Inc. The mandatory health insurance plan is a Sickness/Injury policy. This means that the policy only covers medical services you receive for a disease or sickness, or a bodily injury that is sustained due to an accident. The policy is also a Non-Renewable One-Year Term Insurance Policy. This means that you must renew your policy at the beginning of each academic year. The policy includes a wellness benefit that covers the cost of routine medical, dental, and vision screens. There is an annual cap on the wellness benefit for those routine, preventative health care services.

The premium for coverage is $580 per semester and is charged to the student’s tuition account. However, students who have health coverage with another provider are not required to participate in this plan. Those students who are covered by another health insurance provider must submit a waiver form, which can be found on www.studentinsurance.com. Students may also visit this website for information on the Pearce & Pearce insurance policy.

How do I enroll in the AJMLS student health insurance plan?
Go to www.studentinsurance.com. Under “Select your State” select “Georgia.” Under “College” select “John Marshall Law School.” On the next page click on “Enroll” to the right of the page and follow the prompts. You must waive out of the coverage (see below. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged the insurance on your tuition bill and the school will send us your enrollment information.

Can I waive out of the coverage through Pearce & Pearce?
You can waive out of the student health insurance plan. You will need to submit a waiver by going to www.studentinsurance.com. Under “Select your State” select “Georgia”. Under “College” select “John Marshall Law School.” On the next page click on “Waive” to the right of the page and follow the prompts.

Does this waiver apply for the academic year, or must I waive out each semester?
A student who wishes to waive the coverage must do so each semester he or she is enrolled in the school. When the student submits a waiver for the Fall Semester, the student will have the option to also apply the waiver to the Spring/Summer. If the student selects this option, the student will not have to resubmit the waiver information. Though Pearce & Pierce will verify the waiver twice a year, the student only has to submit the waiver once if that option is selected.

What happens if I miss my opportunity to waive out of the AJMLS student insurance program?
For all students, the Student Insurance premium will appear on the Tuition Bill unless the student shows proof of other insurance coverage and waives coverage by the deadline.

When is the deadline for waiving coverage?
Please speak to the Dean of Students, Sheryl Harrison for the deadline for waiving coverage as the dates change annually.

How am I billed for the premium?
The premium will appear on the tuition bill unless the student shows proof of other insurance coverage and waives coverage by the specified deadline.

When can I add a spouse or dependent child to my plan?
An eligible student may enroll for coverage for his or her dependent within 31 days of marriage, birth or adoption by providing the appropriate documentations.

I have a pre-existing condition. How will this impact my insurability or my premium?
Pre-existing conditions will not impact your insurability or premium, but can affect how benefits are paid under the plan. Please read carefully the Pre-Existing Condition limitation that can be found on page 3 of the plan brochure.

If I already have a provider, what do I need to do?
Persons insured under the student health insurance plan may choose to be treated within or outside of the First Health PPO Network. Reimbursement rates will vary according to the source of care as described under the Plan Summary of Basic Medical Expense Benefits found on pages 4 and 5 of the plan brochure.

If I do not have a provider, how can I find one?
The best option is to look up a provider in the First Health Network. Go to the AJMLS page of www.studentinsurance.com and click on “Find your Doctor/Hospital.” Select “First Health” and follow the additional steps to search for a provider.

Are prescription drugs covered on this plan?
Please read carefully the “Outpatient Prescription Drugs/Injections” benefits that can be found on page 5 of the plan brochure.

If I need a referral for a specialist, what do I do?
There is no referral requirement for the AJMLS student health insurance plan. If a specialist is requiring a referral, please contact your primary provider.

What does the Wellness Benefit cover?
Please read carefully the “Wellness Benefit” that can be found on page 5 of the plan brochure. Wellness services under the “Wellness Benefit” provision include, but are not limited to: doctor’s visits; routine physical examinations, including physicals in connection with athletics; injections; immunizations; prescription vitamins; preventive laboratory and x-ray services; dental and vision checkups; sleep studies; and prescriptions for smoke cessation. The deductible does not apply to this benefit.

Are the benefits for an eligible dependent the same as those for the covered student?
All benefits are the same for all individuals insured under the plan, except the Wellness Benefit. This Benefit is for students only.

How do I find out about the specific treatments or services that are covered?
Please refer to the plan brochure. This can found on the AJMLS page of www.studentinsurance.com under “Benefits (Plan Summary)”.