Welcome to the Alumni Association

After years of commitment and dedication, you have graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, and on behalf of the AJMLS community, congratulations and welcome to the Alumni Association. Our alumni community is an invaluable resource, and we look forward to you being an active member. 

The AJMLS Alumni Association is united in bringing about positive change to our school, our students, and its members. The Association is committed to helping you, the newest members, to succeed. Please seek out the aid and guidance of AJMLS alumni whenever they can be of service. You will find them ever ready to be of help to you. 

We are composed of more than 3,700 AJMLS graduates who have committed to doing exceptional work in the community and making transformative moves in the world through law. We have one of the strongest alumni bases in the country, representing AJMLS internationally.

We want you to Connect, Hire, and Give! And there are many ways to share your time, talents, and treasures with AJMLS. If you have any questions, please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

All alumni, donors, and friends of the law school can make a difference. 

The Development and Alumni Relations Office is proud of the achievements of this graduating class and we cheer and support you all as you move into new and exciting careers. We hope that you will continue to make AJMLS as much a part of your life as you have been a part of ours! 

We look forward to hearing of all you will accomplish! If we can be of assistance, please contact us. 

Wendy Aina, Chief Development Officer, waina@johnmarshall.edu or (678) 916-2674 

AJ Doucett, Director of Alumni Relations, ajdoucett@johnmarshall.edu or (678) 916-2665