Attire, Announcements, and More


Cap and Gown
It is recommended that you order your cap and gown via the Herff Jones website.

There’s no charge to order the cap and gown; however, payment is required to order any other products.

The deadline is March 5, 2021. You will not be able to order online after March 5, 2021.

All products will be delivered to your home address.

Honor Cords 
Honor cords will be distributed in the graduate robing rooms.
Moot Court metals will be distributed prior to the ceremony.

All stoles intended to be adorned during the ceremony MUST be approved by Student Affairs prior to commencement to ensure cords/stoles aren’t offensive, accurately represent the organization and/or its mission, and differ in a significant way from the honor cords.

Announcement Cards

Announcement cards will be available the morning of graduation, outside of the robing rooms. These are the cards that will be used to announce your name as you come on stage to accept your degree. If you have a difficult name or one that could be read incorrectly, please be sure to phonetically spell it or write it in a way that is easily pronounced. DO NOT LOSE THIS. MAKE SURE THE FRONT AND BACK IS COMPLETED.