Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is committed to student centric, practitioner-oriented graduate and professional legal education through innovative web-based technologies designed to achieve personal growth and professional advancement. The guiding principles of the institution include academic rigor, accessibility, convenience, and dedication to providing exceptional student support services.

Institutional Goals

  1. Offer an intellectually rigorous academic program.
  2. Include opportunities for professional skills education.
  3. Provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to enhance their existing professional opportunities.
  4. Instill in students the highest sense of professionalism and ethical and moral responsibility.
  5. Prepare students to anticipate and adapt to future developments in their profession.
  6. Providing clear learning objectives, timely and meaningful faculty feedback, and regular assessments to promote student course content mastery.
  7. Engage in ongoing self-assessment to ensure that the institution is meeting its stated goals.
  8. Prepare students to assume leadership positions in their chosen profession.
  9. Commit to monitoring, identifying, and deploying technological advances and innovations that promote the mission.
  10. Commit to maintain faculty, administration, and staff such as to ensure the objectives of the mission and institutional goals are fulfilled.