J.D. Programs

The study of law is exciting, dynamic, and richly rewarding both personally and professionally. At Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School , the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program is designed to prepare students to enter the practice of law and represent people. The J.D. program is thus directed toward the acquisition and development of intellectual, analytical, and lawyering skills. From the first-year curriculum with its pre-determined set of core courses, through the third year with courses that emphasize practical skill development, the J.D. program is designed to promote analytical reasoning, precision in both oral and written communication, and problem solving skills. With these fundamental skills, students learn the rules of law and how to apply them in an ever-changing society. During their first year, both full-time and part-time students must enroll in and successfully complete the courses listed in the first year required program. Following the first year, students must complete the remainder of the required course load as well as a minimum number of elective courses of their own choosing. All students must take the required courses in the year and division in which they are enrolled. Elective courses may be taken in either the day or the evening by students, subject to the limitations set forth in the Academic Code and the Dean’s Office Regulations. These documents may be found in the Student Handbook, a copy of which is provided to each new student at registration.

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