February 21, 2013

VIDEO: GPTV Interviews Professor Mears Regarding Death Penalty Laws


In a recent interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting Television, Michael Mears, Associate Professor at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, was interviewed on the station’s program entitled “The Lawmakers”. During the segment, Professor Mears and three other experts discussed Georgia’s standard of proof required to show that an individual is mentally retarded.

“Under Georgia law, a person is not eligible for execution if they are found to be mentally retarded,” said Professor Mears. “However, the standard for proving that a person is mental retarded is extremely high. The defendant claiming mental retardation as a bar to execution must prove to a jury that he or she is mentally retarded by the standard of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’  This is the highest standard under our legal system.”

Professor Mears’ segment begins at 15 minutes. To view the video, click here.