August 31, 2020

Nine AJMLS Alumni Elected to Serve State Bar of Georgia Board of Governors


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) congratulates its nine alumni that were recently elected to serve the State Bar of Georgia Board of Governors.

*The State Bar of Georgia is governed by a 160-member Board of Governors. The Board controls and administers the affairs of the State Bar. Members of the Board of Governors are the voice of the members in the circuit they represent. The Board is comprised of the Attorney General of Georgia, officer members, and elected and appointed Board of Governors members.

The nine alumni who were recently elected or are currently serving a Board term are:

NameAdmit YearPostTerm Expiration
Austin O. Jones 2003Alcovy Cir., Post 2 2022
Tracee Ready Benzo 2008Atlanta Cir, Post 6 2022
Eric Alvin Ballinger 1993 Blue Ridge Cir., Post 2 2021
Carl A. Veline Jr. 1974 Houston Cir. 2022
Mitchen McKinley Shook 1992 Middle Cir., Post 1 2022
Carl Santos Cansino 1996 Ocmulgee Cir., Post 1 2022
Barry E. King 1998 Piedmont Cir. 2021
H. Burke Sherwood 1999 Southern Cir., Post 3 2022
Matthew Jackson Hennesy 2004 Waycross Cir., Post 1 2022

Thank you to our alumni for serving our legal community and representing Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. We are thrilled to celebrate your accomplishments.

*State Bar of Georgia