June 29, 2012

New Savannah Law School Begins Accepting Applications for Fall 2012


Savannah Law School (SLS), a branch of ABA-accredited Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS), yesterday began accepting applications for its inaugural Fall 2012 class. Prospective students can apply to SLS via their smart phone or tablet atm.savannahlawschool.org or on their laptop or personal computer at www.savannahlawschool.org/apply. SLS is only the second law school enabling students to apply via mobile devices. AJMLS was the first to offer this service earlier this year.

“SLS offers prospective students an opportunity to live and learn in a community with an abundance of charm where they can move forward, meet challenges – large and small – and begin their legal careers,” said Alan Boyer, Associate Dean of Recruitment and Marketing at AJMLS and SLS. “Applying to SLS is simple with the mobile application and new website.”

Like the AJMLS mobile “app,” the SLS mobile application is also a law school application form designed for today’s mobile devices. Students will still have to mail their transcripts, letters of recommendation and, of course, write that dreaded personal statement. But, filling out the actual application will be easier than ever and right at students’ fingertips, whenever – and wherever –they choose to apply.

Students can apply by typing m.savannahlawschool.org into their smartphone or tablet browser. Once there, students can learn about the school’s academic programs and living in Savannah. When they’re ready to complete the application form, they can press iApply and go straight to the form. Once completed, they will push “submit” and their application will be sent to SLS Admissions. Should potential students want additional information, they can also access the school’s website from this site.

Savannah Law School is focused on preparing talented students for legal careers in the public and private sectors. SLS offers a Juris Doctor in full-time and part-time day or part-time evening program. Students throughout the Atlantic Coastal Region can begin their legal careers closer to home. And students from around the country and the world can live and learn in a community rich in culture, heritage and southern hospitality. For more information about SLS, please visit us atwww.savannahlawschool.org.