August 4, 2022

Employee of the Month


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) began its Employee of the Month Program in 2021. AJMLS appreciates the efforts of its employees who strive to achieve goals and fulfill the vision of the law school, especially during the unprecedented times of COVID-19. Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model to others. The program seeks to recognize hard work and achievement in the workplace and is a peer-to-peer recognition program. Congratulations to all the honorees!

July 2022

Rebecca Milter, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruitment

Rebecca joined the AJMLS family in 2010 and has moved through the ranks from Admissions Counselor to our Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruitment. She has dedicated her time and passion to the law school and has been committed to its growth. Rebecca goes above and beyond with every single department and the school and always extends herself, no matter the time. She is always helpful and willing to take on extra work for orientation and other school-wide events!

June 2022

Erika Murray, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Erika joined the AJMLS family in 2012, as a Faculty Coordinator and is now the law school’s Executive Assistant to the Dean. Erika is a team player. She assists with projects upon request and always demonstrates a pleasant attitude. She is organized and timely, and is always sure to provide needed and requested information.

Paul Wilson, Career Services and Professional Development Coordinator

Paul joined our team in 2017, as the Assistant Director of Career Development and is now the Administrator of Career Services and Professional Development. Paul is an amazing colleague. He is always willing to assist all students, alumni, staff, and faculty. He is the epitome of over and above the call of duty. When out on military duty, he checks in and assists when he can. He wears multiple hats within the Career Services and Experiential Learning department and has done so with a smile and at your service demeanor. 

April 2022

Jae Wyatt-Keyton, Ph.D., Director of Career Services

Jae joined the AJMLS family during the pandemic, last year in February. She has embraced her new position and continues to jump into more involvement, above and beyond what she is required to do. Jae has done an outstanding job with the completion of the ABA Graduate Employment Survey, setting up an alumni mentorship program, and hosting several employer events that have resulted in internship and job offers for our students.

March 2022

Nicholas Smith, Academic Support Professional

Nick joined the AJMLS family during the pandemic in June of 2021. Nick goes above and beyond to make sure the students feel heard and supported. He is the consummate team player. No matter the situation, time, or place. Nick always has a pleasant demeanor, and is willing to assist the Law School community. His positivity is contagious and is a pleasure to work with!

February 2022

Wendy Aina, Chief Development Officer

Wendy joined the AJMLS family during the pandemic last year in January and has literally hit the ground running! She would be found in 1422 when no one else was there! She is an exemplary employee who arrives early in the morning and is most likely the last to leave. Wendy will be in her office diligently working on her tasks as others come in! She collaborates with other departments and her ability to take detailed notes and manage projects from beginning to end is nothing short of amazing. Her commitment to the elevation of AJMLS is undeniable and to top it off, she is pleasant, her energy is contagious, she demonstrates a positive attitude and is always eager to help.

January 2022

Hermelda Branford, Front Desk Receptionist

Hermelda began working for us on a part-time basis in 2012. During that time, she provided service to various departments on an as-needed basis. In 2021, she joined our team on a  permanent basis as the school’s Front Desk Receptionist at our new location! Hermelda is personable, and with good energy during the slowest of days! Hermelda lights up the room with her enthusiasm and charisma. She fits her role of receptionist, perfectly! Hermelda actively tries to help those that come to her. If she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she will find out!

Marc Reece, Director of Recruitment and Outreach

Marc is no stranger to AJMLS! He also started with us in 2012 and rejoined our team in 2020 as our Director of Recruitment and Outreach! Peers have said, “Marc is our Hall of Famer! Not only is he an asset to the Office of Admissions, he is an asset to the school and profession. He helps make AJMLS a better experience for the entire law school community.”

November 2021

Sophie Campbell, Catalogue Assistant

Sophie joined the AJMLS family in 2009. If you’ve ever crossed paths with her, you would notice that she is friendly and very soft spoken. Sophie always shows a willingness to extend herself to help others here at the school and abroad. Sophie recently spearheaded a campaign to send discarded furniture from our 1422 location, to Africa to assist with furnishing schools in need! This was an enormous task that stemmed straight from her heart that she tackled successfully and without placing any focus on herself!

October 2021

AJ Doucett, Director of Alumni Relations

AJ is an AJMLS alumnus who joined the AJMLS family in 2005! For several years, he worked as the law school’s Reference Librarian. After receiving his law school degree, he continued working for the law school and has provided dedicated hard work towards the success of our commencement ceremonies. In 2020, he was promoted to the role of Director of Alumni Relations, where he is currently serving. He has embraced his new position and continues to jump into more involvement, above and beyond what he is required. AJ is such a kind and outgoing team player who is genuinely invested in the success of his alma mater! AJ is well known and liked by faculty, staff, students, and alumni!

September 2021

Steven Jaudon, Lead Faculty Coordinator

Steven joined the AJMLS family in 2017 as a Faculty Coordinator and was later promoted into his current role. Steven has always demonstrated a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity in his job performance and continues to provide an exceptional level of support to faculty and instructors. He is always prepared to do his best and to take one for the team!

August 2021

Hal Morgan, Enterprise Systems Administrator

Hal joined the AJMLS family in March of 2015. As described by one of his co-workers, “Hal has been exemplary and a model for demonstrated zeal, conviction, and determination to provide great customer care.” Hal’s patience and kindness are ever present, even when he is in a time crunch, he will acknowledge you and make an effort to find a solution to help you. He is highly appreciated by students, faculty, and staff alike.

July 2021

Cynthia Davenporte, Director of Human Resources

Cynthia joined the AJMLS family in 2008 and has moved through the ranks from HR Assist to our now Director of Human Resources! As you know, Cynthia wears many hats, from office manager, to counselor, to graduation coordinator, and is more than Director of Human Resources. Whenever we need a helping hand, Cynthia is there to assist.

June 2021

Mike Gatewood, Facilities Assistant

Mike joined the AJMLS family in 2020, shortly before the pandemic began and he has been actively working at the school nearly every day since! Mike has been described as always nice and works with a smile! Mike operates with a high degree of excellence , professionalism and customer service! 

May 2021

Scot Goins, Director of Academic Achievement and Bar Success

Scot joined the AJMLS family during the pandemic, last year in September. He has embraced his new position and continues to jump into more involvement, above and beyond what he is required. Scot consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity in the performance of his duties and routinely shows a willingness to extend himself to help others at AJMLS.

April 2021

Hilary Waldo, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

Hilary joined the AJMLS family in 2012 as the Director of Meeting and Conference Services. She made her transition to Marketing in 2013. Hilary is an awesome member of the team! She is positive, flexible, always makes herself available, and has strong communication skills!

March 2021

Hermelda Branford, Departmental Assistant

Hermelda began working for the law school on a part-time basis in 20212. She has provided assistance to multiple departments (Registrar, Financial Aid, etc.) She has been described as “collegial” and consistently dedicated to being present, almost daily, even during these unprecedented times. She greets you with a smile and is always willing to assist in any capacity that she can.

Rebecca Milter, Executive Director of Admissions

Rebecca joined the AJMLS family in 2010 as the Admissions Coordinator. She has advanced through the years in the Admissions Department and is now our Executive Director of Admissions. Rebecca goes above and beyond, ensuring that our admitted students are excited and connected! She is dedicated not just to the incoming class, but to the school as a whole. She has remained dedicated and determined to bring in an even better class, even during a pandemic! She is pleasant to work with and willing to help in other areas!

February 2021

Angela Sumpter, Career Services and Professional Development Coordinator

Angela joined the AJMLS family in 2016 as the Blackburn Conference Center Manager. She made her transition to the Career Services Department last year in 2020. Angela has been described as “Top Notch” and has received excellent feedback from her peers! She continues to avail herself whenever and wherever needed, even while being faced with pressing personal matters.

January 2021

Doug Bieber, Chief Facilities Engineer

Doug has been with Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School for several years, prior to joining the law school on a full-time basis in 2019. He has definitely hit the ground running since becoming a part of our team and has been a vital contributor during the school’s transitioning phase. He is quick to respond and is always willing to assist wherever needed. He gets excellent feedback from his peers and we are very happy to have him on our team!