Maurice “Reece” Riden II, Class of 2018

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School gave me the opportunity to pursue my education in a very small, close-knit, environment. I attended a small school for my undergraduate degree, and I wanted to experience the same environment for law school. During my time at John Marshall, I was very involved in many areas including being a Student Ambassador, which led to being voted Student Ambassador of the Year, and being a student-aide in the Michael J. Lynch Law Library. In addition, one of my most memorable accomplishments while at John Marshall was being named the National Vice Justice of the Year for Phi Alpha Delta. The sense of a family is exemplified by the students, faculty, and staff at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, and it carries over as an alumni. As the Staff Attorney to a State Court Judge in Hall County, I frequently run into AJMLS Alumni. We always treat each other like family, and I am forever grateful that I belong to a group that continues to leave a positive footprint in the legal community.

Kayla Kudratt, Class of 2018

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School gave me the opportunity to attend a close-knit, diverse institution where professors, faculty, and staff truly care about the students and their success. As a Criminal Justice Honors Program graduate, I was afforded the opportunity to follow my passion and learn from prominent, well-respected attorneys in the legal community which helped me secure my dream job upon graduation. The Law School not only prepared me to succeed as a student in the classroom, but the hands-on experiences in combination with my externships prepared me to succeed as an attorney. As a proud graduate of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, I am forever grateful for our AJMLS community who supported and believed in me and my dream. I went to law school to get an education, but I left with a new family.

Lisanne Edelman, Class of 2017

The Criminal Justice Honors Program allowed me to follow my passion while being taught by faculty that not only has decades of experience in the field, but also helped me thrive and reach my goals. I graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School with the utmost confidence that I can succeed, and the feeling that I will always have mentors I can turn to.

Virginia (Ginger) Arnold

Virginia (Ginger) Arnold’s AJMLS Story carries an underlying theme: service. As a non-traditional student, Ginger earned her J.D. in the part-time day program while also serving as an elected class representative, Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, Law Journal Editor, research assistant, member of the nationally ranked Client Counseling team, and full-time mom. Since graduating from the law school in 2011, Ginger has opened the Law Office of Virginia C. Arnold, been co-leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, served as a member of the Board of Directors for Girl Talk, Inc., a non-profit peer mentoring program for middle school girls that helps them deal with bullying and other important issues they face, and serves as the law school’s Alumni Director. As the Alumni Director, Ginger leads the not-for-profit Alumni Association and seeks to connect, engage, and encourage current students and alumni through networking and scholarship fundraising events throughout the year. Ginger’s AJMLS Story is ongoing as she is often found in the Alumni Offices on the 7th floor of the law school.

David Lee Windecher

Stories - David Lee Windecher

David Lee Windecher credits his career and success to the law school. “John Marshall gave me an opportunity to redefine my life,” said David. “They believed in me. AJMLS gave a poor kid from the hood an opportunity to engage his passion and realize his American dream.” Since graduating from the law school in 2012, David has opened The Windecher Firm, chronicled his life journey in American Dream: HisStory in the Making, signed an exclusive rights Shopping Agreement with Tyler Perry’s production company 34th Street Films for a movie on the book, joined Nancy Grace’s panel as a criminal defense attorney, and founded RED, Inc., a non-profit organization which sponsors GED programs for young juveniles that are facing non-violent criminal charges who are capable of rehabilitation through an education. RED Inc. has also teamed up with the Dekalb County Solicitor General’s office to assist non-violent offenders rehabilitate through the SG’s diversion program GOALS (Gaining Opportunities And Living Smarter) by mentoring youthful offenders and sponsoring their GED programs. David’s AJMLS Story has just begun; follow the rest on Twitter @DavidWindecher.

Travis Foreman, Class of 2016

Atlanta John Marshall Law School provided me with the opportunity to attain a legal education in a diverse community of students, professors and staff. It also prepared me for future endeavors as a lawyer by equipping me with knowledge that allowed me to excel during my internships and by presenting occassions to network with leaders in the legal community.

Jasmine Rowan, Class of 2014

I was afforded access to a plethora of legal opportunities while at John Marshall. The rigors of the classroom paired with knowledgeable and resourceful faculty challenged my work ethic while molding my legal mind. As a non-traditional student I sincerely value John Marshall believing in me and assisting in my being prepared for the bar and work as an attorney.

Sam Moore, Class of 2015

As a transfer student at John Marshall I was welcomed into a hospitable and student-friendly law school community. The faculty and administration were always willing to offer their support and guidance whenever I needed since there was no communication barrier with their open-door policies. At John Marshall the faculty and administration genuinely invest themselves in assuring not only your success as a law student, but also as a future attorney.