June 19, 2015

David Lee Windecher


Stories - David Lee Windecher

David Lee Windecher credits his career and success to the law school. “John Marshall gave me an opportunity to redefine my life,” said David. “They believed in me. AJMLS gave a poor kid from the hood an opportunity to engage his passion and realize his American dream.” Since graduating from the law school in 2012, David has opened The Windecher Firm, chronicled his life journey in American Dream: HisStory in the Making, signed an exclusive rights Shopping Agreement with Tyler Perry’s production company 34th Street Films for a movie on the book, joined Nancy Grace’s panel as a criminal defense attorney, and founded RED, Inc., a non-profit organization which sponsors GED programs for young juveniles that are facing non-violent criminal charges who are capable of rehabilitation through an education. RED Inc. has also teamed up with the Dekalb County Solicitor General’s office to assist non-violent offenders rehabilitate through the SG’s diversion program GOALS (Gaining Opportunities And Living Smarter) by mentoring youthful offenders and sponsoring their GED programs. David’s AJMLS Story has just begun; follow the rest on Twitter @DavidWindecher.