August 18, 2021

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Moves Downtown, Receives Largest In-Kind Donation from American Cancer Society


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) is delighted to announce its recent move to One Marquis Tower in Downtown Atlanta. After a multi-floor construction project, designed by Stevens & Wilkinson, the Law School took possession of its pristine new campus on August 6, 2021. AJMLS is now housed on three full floors of One Marquis Tower and comprises almost 60,000 square feet of classroom and office space, including a spacious law library and courtroom. The move from midtown to downtown culminated after months of construction led by general contractor Humphries and Company, who completed the project is less than 24 weeks.  

In connection with its move, the Law School received its largest in-kind donation from the American Cancer Society of premium office furniture. The Atlanta nonprofit donated enough furniture to furnish every office, conference room, and common area in the new facility. The American Cancer Society’s donation represents the second largest donation in the Law School’s history, the first being the donation of all the Law School assets upon its conversion to nonprofit by Dr. Michael C. Markovitz, Chairman of the Board of the Directors and long-time friend. Dr. Markovitz’s generous donation is in-line with his nearly 30-year relationship with the Law School, repeatedly going above and beyond to ensure its success. 

“The gift by the American Cancer Society is without a doubt the single most important gift the Law School has ever received,” said Dean and CEO, Jace C. Gatewood. “Without their generosity, this move would not have been financially feasible for the Law School without incurring a large amount of debt.” Gatewood continues, “In the coming weeks, we will find some way to permanently honor their gift and show our gratitude.”

“I speak for the entire Board of the Law School when I say we are completely delighted with Dean Gatewood’s leadership in all matters, and especially as regards the move. Law school staff rose to the challenge of coordinating the complexity of issues that all came together in a successful move on an accelerated schedule. Bravo to everyone involved,” said Chairman, Michael C. Markovitz.

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is thankful for its generous supporters, growth, and ability to better serve its students, alumni, and legal community.

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