May 15, 2017

AJMLS Ranks in Top 15 Law Schools by Female J.D. Enrollment


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School ranks in the top 15 law schools by female J.D. enrollment according to Enjuris. Enjuris is a collection of resources designed to assist people following an accident or injury. The website includes free downloadable guides, resource forums to ask questions, and searchable directories to find an attorney.

The article states that 2016 was the first year the number of female students surpassed male students at U.S. law schools. Within the state of Georgia, males continue to represent the majority in the entering law school classes. However, Atlanta’s John Marshall provides the exception with a higher enrollment of female law students. Our 2016 class was built with a 62.7% female population. We are very proud of this fact!

Atlanta’s John Marshall is proud of the current female students and of the alumnae that have matriculated our campus as they are both hard working law students and respected members and leaders within the legal community. Male or female, we are all John Marshall Proud.