October 24, 2017

AJMLS Professors Participate in 24th Annual U.S. Supreme Court Update


On Thursday, October 19, 2017, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School’s Professor Kathleen Burch served as the Program Chair for the 24th Annual United States Supreme Court Update seminar held at the State Bar of Georgia. She gave the welcome and program overview and served as the presiding moderator.

Additionally, Professors Judith Barger and Michael Mears were also presenters at the seminar. Professor Barger participated in the presentation, Short A Justice: The Supreme Court’s Per Curiam Decisions. The program covered a wide range of topics and centered on the Court’s issuance of several important per curiam decisions ranging from the Muslim ban, to the rights of same-sex parents, to law enforcement liability in cross-border shootings, to standards for juvenile’s sentenced to death or life without parole. While, Professor Mears participated in and served as the moderator for the Criminal law Update which was a survey of the criminal law cases decided by the Court last term. He also spoke regarding per curium supreme court criminal case opinions.

Thank you for your participation in this great seminar and your continued contributions to the legal community in Georgia, Professors. The program, which includes 6 CLE hours, including 1 Trial Practice hour, is available via web stream to those who weren’t able to attend in person. Please use this link to access and register.