September 17, 2014

Results: SBA Representative Elections


The Student Bar Association at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School would like to thank the entire student body for taking the time out of their busy schedules to participate in the 2014-2015 SBA Representative Elections. The votes have been counted and the winners are as follows:

  • 1L Section A Representatives: Hayley Settles and Victoria Arzu
  • 1L Section B Representatives: Jessica Gomez and Sara Wardlow
  • 1L Part Time Evening Representatives: Megan McCulloch and Shaquana Ellison
  • 1L Criminal Justice Honors Representative: Callie Adams
  • 2L Full Time Representatives: Travis Foreman and Sarah Metz
  • 2L Part Time Representatives: Lynda Parks and Alicia Thompson
  • 3L Full Time Representatives: Danielle Douglas and Essence Beal
  • 3L Part Time Representative: Michelle Reilly
  • 4L Part Time Representative:¬†Chantiel Bell

On behalf of the law school, congratulations to those who were elected! Students are free to contact either the SBA Executive Board or the appropriate class representative with questions or concerns as the primary objective of the SBA is to articulate the views of the student body to the administration and faculty. For more information on the SBA or other student organizations at the law school, visit the Student Organizations page.