Request a Class Recording

Students are expected to attend every class; however, when a student has a documented, emergency condition (ex. hospitalization) that prevents them from attending class, they may request to have their classes recorded. Absences due to non-emergencies (ex. vacations, minor illnesses, work and/or family events, etc.) are not covered by this policy. Undocumented requests will not be granted. If your request is granted, the recording will be made available to you via the Panopto tab on Canvas or sent to you directly, depending on your Professors’ preference. If you have any questions regarding your recording after your request is granted, contact or one of the faculty coordinators, Ms. Eyma,, or Steven Jaudon,

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Submission of forged, altered and/or inauthentic documentation is a violation of the honor code, and may result in expulsion.

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