April 15, 2015

Atlanta’s John Marshall to Offer International Business Transactions (IBT 810) Online Summer 2015


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is pleased to announce that Associate Dean for Scholarship and the John E. Ryan Professor of International Business & Workplace Law, Jeffrey A. Van Detta, will open his upper-division elective course– International Business Transactions (IBT 810) online this summer to visiting law students.

The online learning community is not new to Dean Van Detta as he has taught the online course since 2008 and has educated over 150 law students from around the world via the online platform. The course picks up where Contracts II leaves off–and explores a number of interesting, cutting edge areas, while giving students the opportunity to create real-world client deliverables in the context of a course-long client scenario.

IBT 810 will have 3-hour class meetings held entirely online, using the Live Discussion feature of TWEN (which creates a written transcript of each session). The class is scheduled to meet online from 6:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Summer Session. The course contains graded projects (both individual and team)–no final examination.

The value to visiting students is to be able to take the entire course online, and do so in the convenience of the location of their own choosing — whether in New York, any other U.S. state, or any other country or continent!

Eligible students will have completed their first year of law school coursework, full-time, at an ABA-approved law school. Students should also check their own school’s policies to see exactly what they need to do to have their credit for this course transfer. The course will be billed at a rate of $1,270 per credit hour. Visiting law students that will need financial aid will need to get with their financial aid office (at originating law school) to arrange a consortium agreement.

Interested students please contact the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Scott Boone at sboone@johnmarshall.edu.

Questions about the course may be directed to Dean Jeffrey A. Van Detta at jvandetta@johnmarshall.edu.

To apply – complete the visiting student application found on our website and submit to the Office of Admissions via email (admissions@johnmarshall.edu) or fax (404) 581-5565.