Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Announces Spring Admission to Begin January 2014

Update: The Accelerated spring entry program has been suspended indefinitely as of October 2018.

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) will launch the first spring admission for Georgia law schools beginning January 13, 2014. In addition to the new entry date, the law school currently offers a full- and part-time Juris Doctor program, J.D. Honors Program in Criminal Justice and three LL.M. programs for U.S and foreign educated attorneys. AJMLS has added the January entry date so that prospective law students interested in attending law school in Georgia need not wait another academic year before entering law school.  Students who begin law school in January and graduate in two and a half years save money for living expenses and allows students to enter the legal profession sooner. “The same curriculum and extracurricular opportunities are available to those who begin in January since only the first year is slightly compressed,” said Richardson Lynn, Dean and Professor of Law at the law school. “It is a good way to start a great career.” Key facts about the new spring admission:

  • Courses for spring admission will begin January 2014;
  • Program format allows students to complete the first year in the spring and summer semesters;
  • The accelerated J.D. program will be condensed into a two and a half year format as opposed to the traditional three-year program full-time students complete;
  • Students will learn from the same comprehensive and rigorous curriculum as students who enter in the fall semester;
  • Students will take Criminal Procedure and Criminal Law in their first year to ensure they are prepared for the following fall semester.
  • Target enrollment for the 2014 spring admission is 50 students;
  • Financial aid and scholarships opportunities are available to those who qualify.

Prospective students interested in pursuing a legal education in an accelerated format are encouraged to apply for spring admission via the AJMLS website at To speak to an admissions professional regarding the new program, email the Office of Admissions at or call (404) 872-3593 ext. 2620.