June 15, 2023

AJMLS Dean Erika Walker-Cash Engages Google Employees in Fireside Chat


On June 12, 2023, Professor Erika Walker-Cash, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Associate Dean of Academic Administration, was a featured speaker at Google, where she facilitated a discussion about the unique challenges Black employees often face in the workplace. 

Code-switching in academia and in corporate spaces is one of Dean Walker-Cash’s scholarship interests, and she enjoyed engaging Google employees in an open discussion about strategies Black employees use to navigate corporate spaces, advocate for upward mobility opportunities, have difficult conversations about race and intersectionality with colleagues and management, and a range of other topics. 

The fireside chat was a part of the company’s Black Googlers Network-Atlanta Juneteenth celebrations. Dean Walker-Cash has served as the featured speaker at similar events, including at the rideshare company Lyft and Emory University.