VIDEO: GPTV Interviews Professor Mears Regarding Death Penalty Laws

In a recent interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting Television, Michael Mears, Associate Professor at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, was interviewed on the station’s program entitled “The Lawmakers”. During the segment, Professor Mears and three other experts discussed Georgia’s standard of proof required to show that an individual is mentally retarded.

“Under Georgia law, a person is not eligible for execution if they are found to be mentally retarded,” said Professor Mears. “However, the standard for proving that a person is mental retarded is extremely high. The defendant claiming mental retardation as a bar to execution must prove to a jury that he or she is mentally retarded by the standard of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’  This is the highest standard under our legal system.”

Professor Mears’ segment begins at 15 minutes. To view the video, click here.

AJMLS Students Awarded First Place at Regional Transactional LawMeet

On Friday, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School sent two teams to compete at the 2013 Regional Transactional LawMeet competition hosted by Emory University.  Before the competition, teams were assigned a side in a transaction – buyer or seller – and exchanged drafts of a contract.  At the event the teams met in person to negotiate the contract.  The law school is pleased to announce that our team, consisting of Bentley Adams, Benjamin Stidham, and Amy Zapatka, was awarded first place on the seller side.

Also competing at the Regional meet were one or more teams from the following schools: University of Georgia, Emory University, University of Tennessee, Washington and Lee University, Loyola University, William & Mary University, and Nova Southeastern University.  Due to our team’s outstanding achievement at the Regional meet, the team has been invited, along with the University of Georgia (which was awarded best team for the buyer), to represent the Southeast at the 2013 National Transactional LawMeet in Philadelphia in late March.  This was a great accomplishment for the team.

Congratulations to Bentley, Benjamin, and Amy for representing John Marshall and its outstanding student body.

VIDEO: Innovative and Unique – the Honors Program in Criminal Justice

The Honors Program in Criminal Justice at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is a cutting edge program designed to prepare its graduates to excel in the practice of criminal law. Students are given a powerful foundation of knowledge in the field through the program’s three-year core curriculum. A problem-based teaching method is used to ensure that the students appreciate both how all the core courses fit together within criminal law and how they apply to its practice. This integrated and applied approach to teaching ensures our students receive a well-rounded and practical educational experience.

The mission of John Marshall “is to prepare highly competent and professional lawyers who possess a strong social conscience, continually demonstrate high ethical standards, and are committed to the improvement of the legal system and society.”  The Honors Program in Criminal Justice further demonstrates our commitment to this mission. To hear first hand from our students and professors about the program, view the video below.

AJMLS Students Become Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition Regional Champions

It is with great pleasure that Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School announces that Kandice Allen and Stefanie Hilliard are the SRBLSA Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition Regional ChampionsKandice and Stefanie placed first in the competition, by outperforming 23 other teams.  This victory makes them the first team in John Marshall’s history to win first prize in this competition. In addition to winning the competition, Stefanie also received the Outstanding Oral Advocate award.

The school would also like to recognize Hunter Millwood for his phenomenal advocacy in the competition!  Not only did he perform well in the competition, but he also showed an unparalleled level of team spirit and humility by helping the coaches prepare Kandice and Stefanie for the final round of the competition. This was a collective effort, and AJMLS thanks you for your time, dedication, and input. John Marshall looks forward to watching you shine in future competitions.  In the words of one of the competition judges, “You should definitely plan to take your career into the courtroom, because you are a natural.”

Finally, the school would like to thank Lauren McAlpin, Sharee Tumbling, Ashley Barnett, Shaheem Williams, Kristal Ramirez, Derric Crowther, Tiffany Simmons, Zaira Solano, Nick Kitchens, Jacqueline Givens, Professor Van Detta, Professor de Haven, Professor Kent, Professor Stevens, Professor Doneff, Professor Gelin, Professor Williams, Professor Burch and Professor Redleaf-Durbin for benching the team.  You made significant contributions to the team’s success and your time and feedback are truly appreciated.

As a result of the team’s win at Regionals, Kandice and Stefanie will compete in the National FDMC Competition in early March.  This competition will take place in Atlanta, at AJMLS. Please congratulate Kandice, Stefanie, and Hunter for a job well done.

AJMLS Announces Relocation Tuition Credit for Incoming Students

In an effort to ease the economic burden of students entering law school, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School recently announced the Relocation Tuition Credit program for incoming students. The Relocation Tuition Credit is designed to assist students with the costs associated with moving to Atlanta. To be eligible for the program, an entering student must be relocating to Atlanta from a distance of more than 100 miles away. Once verified, students will receive a one-time credit in the amount of $1,000, applied towards the fall term tuition in which they begin study.

To apply, complete the Relocation Tuition Credit application and submit it to the Office of Admissions by July 15, 2013. Prospective students interested in this opportunity are encouraged to speak with an Admissions professional today at 404-872-3593 or email!