Three types of internships are available to law students in the summer and during the academic year. Summer clerkships are fulltime for a minimum of 10 weeks; academic-year clerkships require at least 16 hours per week. All law students are eligible to be considered for internships as trial division assistants or appellate clerks. Trial Division Assistants. Trial division assistants are placed in the criminal, juvenile and parental rights trial divisions. Each assistant is assigned to a particular attorney for the duration of the internships. Each assistant is assigned a wide variety of tasks incident to the preparation, trial and disposition of that attorney�s cases. Appellate Clerks. A limited number of students, who have demonstrated strong research and writing skills, are placed as appellate clerks. Students work on a range of projects, from short, discrete research assignments to lengthy writing assignments. Writing skills are stressed equally with research skills, and students who have the persistence, skill and patience are encouraged to continue to work on writing projects until the piece is ready to be filed in court in the student�s words. Virtually all students complete at least one significant piece of legal writing appropriate as a writing sample during the clerkship. Courtroom Advocates. Senior students are eligible for placement as courtroom advocates (student practitioners) in the misdemeanor, juvenile or parental rights units. �Senior students� are those either currently in their last year of law school, for academic internships, or those who will be entering their last year following a summer internship. To be eligible, a student must have completed evidence, advanced criminal procedure and/or a trial advocacy course. Resumes, accompanied by a cover letter and writing sample, should be sent to Michael A. DiLauro, Director of Training. Interviews are required for all clerkship candidates; arrangements may be made for telephone interviews for candidates living and attending school outside the Northeast.


Michael A. DiLauro , Assistant Public Defender Director


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