April 11, 2013

LL.M. Graduate Speaks at Northeastern University School of Law Symposium


Christina Harris Schwinn is a recent graduate from the inaugural cohort of the LL.M. in Employment Law program at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. As a final project, Schwinn and her classmates presented a Thesis Presentation at the law school.  As a result of the thesis, which has been submitted for publication, Northeastern University School of Law’s law review team invited her to speak at its recent symposium on employee misclassification entitled Are You Employed or Just Working. The panelists included law professors from a number of different law schools, practicing attorneys and attorneys working for various not-for-profit organizations.  Schwinn recalled the symposium saying, “The experience was very gratifying personally and it provided a tremendous opportunity for the attendees to see a much bigger picture regarding the stark realities that exist in the world of work today and changes on the horizon.”

She also credits the law school for broadening her understanding of the employment law field. “Obtaining my LL.M. in Employment Law from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School has allowed me to participate in new opportunities that were not readily accessible to me before in academia,” she said. “One of the reasons that I wanted to pursue an LL.M. in Employment Law is because I have a desire to teach in the future at the university level or even at a law school.”

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