February 4, 2014

GBI Director Vernon Keenan Addresses AJMLS Advanced Evidence Class


Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vernon Keenan recently addressed the law school’s Advanced Evidence Class as a result of an invitation from Associate Professor Michael Mears.  He discussed the operation of the GBI and gave the class a detailed description of the work the GBI Crime Laboratory does for law enforcement throughout the state.  He then made himself available to the students for an extended question and answer session.  The students were treated to an up close and personal look at the operation of the GBI as part of their continuing study of scientific evidence in criminal cases. His contribution to the student’s study of scientific evidence was invaluable and the entire class has been invited by Director Keenan to tour the GBI Crime Laboratory next month.

In 2011 Governor Nathan Deal re-appointed Vernon Keenan as Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. As GBI Director, Vernon Keenan is the leader of a state criminal Investigative agency with over 820 positions including forensic scientists and special agents.  The GBI is comprised of three divisions:  the State Crime Laboratory, the Georgia Crime Information Center, and the Investigative Division.