Criminal Justice Honors Curriculum: Fall 2014 & 2015 Entry

Requirements were updated by the faculty and effective August 10, 2016. This page was updated on September 7, 2017.

First Year

First year students in the Honors Program in Criminal Justice will take the same first-year curriculum as regular full-time J.D. students. Students accepted into the program will also participate in a film and lecture series.

Second Year

Students in the bottom half of the class may be required to take Advanced Analytical Methods (2 credits, that count toward graduation as elective credits) in the fall semester. If required, you will be notified in writing prior to the start of the semester.

Elective(s) and/or Writing*
Real Property II
Constitutional Law I
Criminal Procedure - HP
Total Credits: *16-17
Elective(s) and/or Writing*
Constitutional Law II
Advanced Evidence
Advanced Criminal Procedure
Criminal Justice Lawyering
Total Credits: 14-16
Note: Students may select either an approved upper level writing course for Criminal Justice Honors Students OR an Elective to complete their fall and spring semester course load. 

Third Year

Professional Responsibility
Criminal Pre-Trial Advocacy
Mastering Legal Skills
Total Credits: 15
Business Organizations
Criminal Law Ethics
Trial Advocacy
Mastering Legal Principles
Total Credits: 15
*Enrollment in 17 credits requires prior approval from the Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Upper Division Writing

For the Honors Program, students complete a rigorous writing component during their 3L fall semester in the Integrated Criminal Practice course. Because of that writing component, students in the Honors Program are required to take only one upper division writing course. The upper division writing courses currently approved for students in the Criminal Justice Honors Program are Advanced Appellate Advocacy, Death Penalty Seminar, and Criminal Pre-Trial Practice and Procedure.


Full-Time Criminal Justice Students (before 2014)

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