July 3, 2012

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Announces Launch of New School Website


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) – Georgia’s only fully ABA-accredited, independent law school – today launched the school’s new website. The website features bold colors, a clean uncluttered design and content to support AJMLS’s vision of providing both prospective and current students, and the AJMLS community with accurate and useful information.

The website, which will retain the www.johnmarshall.edu URL, was the final step in the school’s rebranding initiative, which began in 2011. AJMLS partnered with Julie Low, Principal at Fancy Agency to create the website’s sleek, modern design. “Working with AJMLS to bring a new energy to its brand has been exciting,” said Low. “It takes a client open to fresh thinking to make such a positive transformation happen. The new AJMLS personality is current, personable and full of life.”

In an effort to create a more user-friendly experience, AJMLS consulted higher education marketing company, Stamats to construct the new website. The redesign preserves all of the original content from the previous website, with the addition of contemporary features to maximize user interaction.

“It is critically important for an institution to have an interesting, compelling and engaging web presence,” said Julie Staggs, Senior Client Consultant at Stamats. “Just as Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School has been an innovator with their online and mobile application option, they are now providing an exceptional web experience for students to learn about and become a part of the institution. It has been our pleasure to be a partner in this digital transformation.”

AJMLS Dean and Professor of Law, Richardson Lynn is confident the redesign accurately portrays the climate of the school and will aid prospective AJMLS students in the law school decision-making process. “We are keenly aware that the majority of students initially research institutions through their websites. The decision to improve our web presence is to ensure prospective students’ first interaction with AJMLS is both engaging and informative. We also strive to create a quality user experience for our current students and alumni,” said Lynn.