November 15, 2012

Yashica Marshall Becomes First AJMLS Student to Receive GHA Fellowship


AJMLS student Yashica Marshall was recently offered a fellowship from the Georgia Hospital Association’s (GHA) affiliated society, Georgia Academy of Healthcare Attorneys (GAHA). The summer 2013 fellowship is awarded to two students annually. The fellowship, which began in 1999, has previously been awarded to students at the other Georgia law schools. AJMLS is proud to announce Ms. Marshall is the first student from John Marshall to receive this fellowship.

The 10 week fellowship is designed to allow students to spend half the time working for the GHA and remainder of the program working for the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. The fellowship involves working with GHA legal staff on a wide range of issues from assisting in drafting legislation to be proposed for enactment during an upcoming session of the Georgia General Assembly to meeting with attorneys and healthcare executives who are involved in matters affecting GHA. The fellowship also provides an opportunity to work with in-house counsel at CHOA on a variety of legal projects, such as Medicaid managed care appeals and hospital policy development.

On behalf of AJMLS, congratulations Ms. Marshall on your outstanding accomplishments. Continue to strive for new heights in your legal education and career.