April 21, 2013

AJMLS Hosts Sixth Annual Youth and the Law Summit


The Sixth Annual Youth and the Law Summit was held on Saturday, April 20, 2013, at Atlanta’s John Marshall’s Blackburn Center.  Each year the Summit introduces minority middle and high school students to the law through an examination of emerging legal issues that directly impact their lives.  .  The program has become a much anticipated event for participating schools and students.  This year’s Summit focused on both cyber bullying and the legislative process.  During the morning session, students learned how a bill becomes a law. Students were also introduced to DiscoverLaw.org, a LSAC funded program designed to increase minority enrollment in law schools.  After lunch, students presented arguments for and against proposed anti-bullying legislation before a congressional committee comprised of high school students. Students made eloquent first amendment, privacy and policy arguments in support of their positions. 

The Gate City Bar Association has partnered with John Marshall since 2008 to organize this dynamic program as part of Gate City’s and John Marshall’s continued commitment to strengthening the pipeline to law school for minority students.  The Summit is co-chaired by Darrick McDuffie of King and Spalding and Gate City, and Prof. Renata D. Turner. Special thanks to Debra Tavares of Soulstice, Inc., Natasha Berry, and John Marshall’s student ambassadors for their contributions to the success of this year’s program.