April 1, 2014

AJMLS Hosts Legal Education in the 21st Century Conference in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey


Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and Savannah Law School in partnership with Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, are hosting the Legal Education in the Twenty-first Century: an International Conference of Legal Educators on May 4-7, 2014 in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.  With the globalization of the economic markets and outsourcing of legal work, the discussion of the future of legal education has not been confined to the United States, but has been a topic of discussion throughout law schools and the legal profession around the world.   Legal Education in the Twenty-first Century will bring together law faculty from around the globe to explore the best pedagogies and curricula for preparing lawyers to practice in both global and domestic legal markets.

Conference panels include: The State of Legal Education Across the Globe, The Future of the Practice of Law, The Role of the Judiciary in Admission to the Bar and Attorney Discipline, Bar Exams and Admission to Practice Standards, The Faculty: Tenure and Academic Freedom, Legal Education in the Digital Age, The Classroom as Apprenticeship, Reading Cases Globally, Integrating Doctrine and Writing, Experiential Learning, and Training the Global Lawyer.

Confirmed speakers include:  Justice Carol Hunstein, Georgia Supreme Court; Justice Christine Durham, Utah Supreme Court; Dean Emeritus James P. White; Sally Lockwood, Director, Georgia Office of Bar Admissions; James Moliterno, Jane Ching, Lucy Jewel, Denis Binder, Kathleen Burch, Jeffrey Van Detta, Bruce Luna, Jessica Rubin, Joan Blum, Elizabeth Megale, Rebecca Cummings, and Patrick Hugg.

For more information or to register for the conference, please contact Professor Kathleen Burch via e-mail at kburch@johnmarshall.edu or via phone at (404) 872-3593 ##Ext. 105.