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Virtual Job Fair

October 16

The Office of Career Services and Professional Development invites your participation in a Virtual Job Fair on October 16th, 2020.  The Virtual Job Fair is part of the Office of Career Services and Professional Development Recruitment Program and will take place through Zoom. The Virtual Job Fair includes employers recruiting for open internships and legal positions with their offices. All students are eligible to participate, according to the class years sought for the open positions. The participating employers and open positions for the October 16th Virtual Job Fair are listed below:

Air Force Judge Advocate General Program – Recruiting 2L, 3L, and 4L students.

Clayton County, GA Public Defender’s Office – Criminal Defense Legal Intern – Recruiting 2L, 3L, and 4L students

Office of the DeKalb County, GA District Attorney – Summer 2021 Internship – Recruiting 3L and 4L Students

In order to view the list of employers and positions being recruited for in the October 16th Virtual Job Fair, please access your 12Twenty account. Instructions for use of 12Twenty are found here. Once in your profile, go to “OCI and Job Listings” on the left side of your screen.  Click “OCI” at the top of your screen, and the list of employers will be presented. To access the job posting, click on the employer name.

If you would like to participate in the October 16th Virtual Job Fair, you must first have your application documents reviewed and conduct a mock interview with Office of Career Services and Professional Development staff. This is a requirement before you can submit application materials to employers. The application review and mock interview will take place before the application period opens.

The Application Review Process

If you would like to participate in the October 16th Virtual Job Fair, please prepare your requested application materials, according to the job posting, for each employer you plan to apply with. Once you have drafted your application materials, please go into the “Events” tab of your 12Twenty profile. Select the event for the October 16th Virtual Job Fair. Once selected, please attach the application materials requested from each employer you would like to apply with to the event. Once you attach your application materials, a staff member in the Office of Career Services and Professional Development will contact you to review your materials with you and conduct a mock interview. The application review and mock interview process will occur from Wednesday, September 23rd through Monday, October 5th. Monday, October 5th is the deadline to conduct a mock interview and have your application materials reviewed. Please complete application review and a mock interview by that time or you will not be able to proceed with the application process.

Please refer to the guidelines below as you craft your application materials. Please also find documents attached to assist you with applications as well. We ask that you please refer to these guides in drafting your materials for review, as it will make the review process run smoothly. If the attached guides are not followed, a staff member may request that you re-draft your materials prior to their review.

Resume Guidance

– If you have limited or no work experience that relates to the position you are applying to, be sure to include relevant school activities you have participated in and a coursework section that lists related courses you have taken during law school.

– Be sure to include Mock Trial and Law Review, if you participate, in the “Activities” section under the Education heading of your resume.

Cover Letter Guidance

– A cover letter provides information that supplements and enhances the resume, while incorporating and demonstrating how you possess the essential skills of the desired position. It should be thoughtful, well-written, unique, and free of typographical errors.

– Use the job description as a guide when drafting your cover letter. You want to mirror the job description with your relevant experience and qualifications as closely as possible. Remember, a cover letter should be tailored to each employer. A generic cover letter that looks the same for each employer will likely not advance your candidacy for the position.

– Address why you are interested in the employer and the position in your cover letter.

– Be sure to describe the relevant work experience you have gained from internships, externships, legal clinics, or pro bono work.

If you have specific questions about the Job Fair, please contact Angela Sumpter at asumpter@johnmarshall.edu or (678) 916-2677.  We would like to thank you for your interest in the Virtual Recruitment program and we look forward to your participation!


October 16