Volume 8, Number 2

Volume 8, Number 2 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2015




Introduction to the 2015 Robert D’ Agostino Symposium Edition: Decreasing Youth Incarceration Through Quality Juvenile Defense

Bridgett E. Ortega

The Critical Role of Post-Disposition Representation in Addressing the Needs of Incarcerated Youth

Sandra Simkins and Laura Cohen

Juvenile Appeals: A Promising Legal Strategy to Reduce Youth Incarceration

Jaqueline L. Bullard and Kimberly E. Dvorchak

What’s Race Got to Do with It? Just About Everything: Challenging Implicit Bias to Reduce Minority Youth Incarceration in America

Ellen Marrus and Nadia N. Seeratan

Courtroom, Classroom, Commitment: Using Special Education and Disability Rights to Keep Youth Out of Secure Facilities

Lisa M. Geis

Re-Entry and the Juvenile Defender

Jerrod Thompson-Hicks



Senate Bill 193: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Art Ferguson

Senate Bill 365: Fair Business Practices Act; Enact Offender Reentry Reforms as Recommended by the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform

Rachel Roberts

House Bill 21: Adoption; Postadoption Contact Agreements; Provide

Kelly L. Morton

House Bill 177: Social Services; School Personnel Required to Report Child Abuse Shall be Notified by Child Protective Agency Upon Receipt of Report and Completion of Investigation; Provide

Brian K. Olliff

House Bill 219: Juvenile Proceedings; Modification of Orders Delinquency for Children Who are Victims of Sexual Abuse or Trafficking

Abigail L. Potter

House Bill 772: Public Assistance; Drug Testing for Applicants for Food Stamps; Require

LeAnna Gail Wade