Volume 2

Volume 2, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2009



Pavesich, Property and Privacy: The Common Origins of Property Rights and Privacy Rights in Georgia

Michael B. Kent, Jr



Privacy and the Georgia Constitution: Protecting Information in the DNA Data Bank

Larry Frankel

Protecting Private Property: An Analysis of Georgia’s Response to Kelo v . City of New London

Stephen D. Morrison, Jr

The Gun Control Debate and the Power of the Georgia General Assembly: A Historical Perspective

Kathleen M . Burch



Taking Away Local Control: The Risks of Regulating a Public Utility’s Eminent Domain Authority

Amanda R. Gaddis

Acknowledging A Georgia Farmer’s Property Interest in Water

Charles W. Snyder, III and Nicholas R. Utley

An Uncertain Future: Georgia’s Policy on Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

Shogun J. Khadye

Are Red Light Cameras in Georgia Overexposing the Public and Undermining Privacy Rights?

Randa Hafez

Adoption: How Protecting Privacy is in the Best Interest of Georgia’s Children

Katie Andrews Smith



Georgia General Assembly 2008 Legislative Session:

House Bill 68: Exceptions to Georgia Coastal Protection Act

House Bill 89: Business Security and Employee Privacy Act

House Bill 1325: Domestic Relations and International Marriage Brokers

Senate Bill 1: Sexual Offenders


Georgia General Assembly 2009 Legislative Session:

House Resolution 5: Paramount Right to Life

House Bill 10: Georgia Crime Information Center

House Bill 16: Electronic Tracking Without Consent

House Bill 171: Public Record Disclosure

House Bill 273: Georgia Prescription Monitoring

House Bill 388: The Option of Adoption Act

Senate Bill 64: HIV Testing of Incarcerated Individuals Prior to Release

Senate Bill 124: New Exception to Open Records Act