Volume 7, Number 2

Volume 7, Number 2 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2014




Unconstitutionality And the Rule of Wide-Open Cross-Examination: Encroaching on the Fifth Amendment When Examining The Accused

Ronald L. Carlson & Michael S. Carlson

Build It And They Will Come: The Realized Prophecy of Strickland v. Washington

Don Geary

The Importance Of Forensic Metrology In Preventing Miscarriages Of Justice: Intellectual Honesty About The Uncertainty Of Measurement In Scientific Analysis

Edward Imwinkelried

Miscarriages of Justice: A Theoretical and Practical Overview

D. Michael Risinger & Lesley C. Risinger

The Great Writ Hit: The Curtailment of Habeas Corpus in Georgia Since 1967

Donald E. Wilkes, Jr



The Connected Juror’s Effect on the Sixth Amendment Right to an Impartial Jury and Georgia’s Presumption of Prejudice

Rachel Morelli

Compounding the Risk of Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Right to Know the Manufacturer and Compounds Used in Georgia’s Lethal Injection Drugs

Rachel South



Georgia General Assembly 2014 Legislative Session:

Senate Bill 86: Family Violence Order; Provide Greater Protection of Victims of Family Violence

Leah A. Hightower

Senate Bill 280: Crimes and Offenses; Justification and Excuse; Repeal Statute Relating to No Duty to Retreat Prior to Use of Force

Paul C. Kunst & Ken W. Davis

House Bill 480: Crimes and Offenses; List of Persons Who May be Present in Courtroom When Person Under Age of 16 Testifies Concerning a Sex Offense; Add Victim Assistance Personnel

Brandy L. Ridley & Ashley E. Rogers

House Bill 885: Haleigh’s Hope Act

Aimee LaTourette & Brandy Gentry