Volume 8, Number 1

Volume 8, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2014



Loose and Wandering Witnesses: Constitutional Limitations Upon the “Quite Unusual” Co-Conspirator Statement Rule

Tim Donaldson

The Part & Parcel Principle: Applying the Attorney-Client Privilege to Email Attachments

Jared S. Sunshine


Behind the Black Robe: Bridging the Gap Between Ethical and Criminal Prosecution of Judges

Brandy Porter

Loss of Innocence and of Protection: A Review of the Right to Counsel and Waiver Laws Across the United States, Specifically Finding that Georgia Should Further Increase Protection of Juveniles’ Rights

Ashley Rogers

Reckoning RLUIPA’s Substantial Burden Provision: A Sliding Scale Approach

Rodrigo L. Silva


152nd Georgia General Assembly 2014 Legislative Session:

Senate Bill 135: DNA Sampling, Collection, and Analysis; Person Arrested for Felony Offense

Abigail L. Potter

Senate Bill 288: Education; Provide No High School which Receives Funding under the “Quality Basic Education Act”; Shall Participate In/Or Sponsor Interscholastic Sport Events Conducted by Any Athletic Association Unless the Association Releases Financial Reports; to Provide for Related Matters; To Repeal Conflicting Laws; and For Other Purposes

Benjamin “Foss” Baker

House Bill 55: Wiretapping; Interception of Wire or Oral Transmissions by Law Enforcement; Change Provisions

Leonid N. Sakson

House Bill 60: Safe Carry Protection Act

Homer Perry Jordan, IV

House Bill 737: Alcoholic Beverages; Malt Beverages Produced in Private Residences to Be Transported to Other Locations and Consumed by the Producer and Other Individuals; Allow

Gabrielle Bloodsaw & Keith Garrett

House Bill 770: Crimes and Offenses; Crime of Home Invasion; Create

Jasmine N. Barber & Michael T. Barrett

House Bill 838: Invasions of Privacy; Transmission of Photography or Video Depicting Nudity or Sexually Explicit Conduct of an Adult Under Certain Circumstances; Prohibit

Antonio C. Lee

House Bill 965: Georgia 9-1-1 Medical Amnesty Law

Antoinette S. Clarington and Leanna G. Wade