Volume 3, Number 2

Volume 3, Number 2 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2010



De Jure, De Facto, & D6ji Vu All Over Again: A Historical Perspective of Georgia’s Segregation-Era School Equalization Program

Kamina A. Pinder & Evan R. Hanson

Rationality & Results: Why School Choice Efforts Endure Despite a Lack of Improvement on Student Achievement

Nina Gupta

A Tragic Void: Georgia’s Failure to Regulate Restraint & Seclusion in Schools

Craig Goodmark

The Constitutionality of the Georgia Charter Schools Commission Law

Eric Cochling



Is it Really MySpace? Our Disjointed History of Public School Discipline for Student Speech Needs a New Test for an Online Era

Benjamin T. Bradford

Random Drug Testing in Secondary Schools – Where Does Georgia Stand?

Amanda L. Dixson

Tightening the Bible Belt: Teaching the Good Book in Georgia’s Public Schools

Gregory A. Frayser

The Universal School Vouchers Roadblock: Constitutional & Public Policy Barriers to School Choice in Georgia

Amelia A. Ragan



Georgia General Assembly 2007 Legislative Session:

Senate Bill 10: Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act


Georgia General Assembly 2009 Legislative Session:

House Bill 149: Move on When Ready Act

House Bill 215: Graduating Everyone Matters Act

House Bill 251: Quality Basic Education Act; Intra-District School Choice

House Bill 278: Quality Basic Education Act

House Bill 400: Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia’s Economy Act

House Bill 501: Educational Programs; Placement and Promotion Policies for Grades One, Two, Four, Six, and Seven

House Bill 524: Education; Compulsory Attendance Provisions

House Bill 649: Quality Basic Education Formula; No Voucher Enforced Unless Funded By General Assembly

Senate Bill 36: Local Board of Education Code of Ethics

Senate Bill 114: Military Dependents in Elementary and Secondary Schools

Senate Bill 231: Education; Establish the PROMISE III Teacher’s Scholarship; Provide for Eligibility Requirements

Senate Resolution 153: Education Improvement Districts; Provide Creation and Comprehensive Regulation


Georgia General Assembly 2010 Legislative Session:

House Bill 927: Public Schools Disciplinary Tribunals; Bullying; Expand Definition

Senate Bill 90: Education; Provide the Option for Parents to Enroll Their Child in Another School Within the Local School System or in Private School