Volume 6, Number 2

Volume 6, Number 2 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2013



Buyer Beware: Georgia Consumers Can’t Rely on the Fair Business Practices Act

Mark E. Budnitz

E-Discovery Between Closely-Held Corporations

Frank G. Goldman, Esq

The Georgia LLC Act: Recent Developments and Future Possibilities

L. Andrew Immerman & Bryan N. Baird



Re-Engineering Georgia’s Corporate DNA: A Benefit Analysis and Practicality Assessment for Benefit Corporation Legislation in Georgia

Renatto Garcia



152nd Georgia General Assembly 2012 Legislative Session:

House Bill 46: Day-Care Centers; Satisfactory Child Protective Services Reports for Employees and Directors; Require

Faith Lynn

House Bill 58: Alcoholic Beverages; Retail Dealers Who Sell for Consumption on Premises Shall Make Alcohol Sensors Available to Patrons; Require

Irena Chernova

House/Senate Bill 82: Small Business Borrower Protection Act

Nyotwa Shamapande

House Bill 117: Labor; Employees Requesting Usemame, Password or Means of Accessing an Account for Purposes of Accessing Personal Social Media; Prohibit

Rachel M. South

House Bill 134: Income Tax; Net Capital Gains Shall Be Excluded from State Taxable Income of Corporations and Individuals; Provide

Robert Coggins

House Bill 138: Temporary Assistance; Use of Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards in Certain Retail Establishments; Prohibit

Maureen R. Anderson

House Bill 186: State Income Tax; Comprehensive Revision of Income Tax Credits for Business Enterprises Located in Less Developed Areas

Samuel J. Sliger

House Bill 427: Fair Employment Practices of 1978; Merit System; Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation; Prohibit

Rachel R. Morelli

House Bill 487: Offenses Against Public Health and Morals; Georgia Lottery; Correct a Cross Reference

Megan L. Matteucci

Senate Bill 20: Labor/Industrial Relations; Prohibit Employers from Requesting Credit Reports; Exceptions

Sheronn Harris

Senate Bill 224: Invest Georgia Fund; Create

Rodrigo Silva