Volume 5, Number 1

Volume 5, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2011



How Much Clinic for How Many Students?: Examining the Decision to Offer Clinics for One Semester or an Academic Year

Kele Stewart

The Evolutionary Biology of Fungi and Fraud

Wendy Gerwick Couture & B. Clifford Gerwick

Chilling the Bidding

Justin Lischak Earley



The Warrantless Search of a Cell Phone Incident to Arrest: Asking the United States Supreme Court to Answer the Call on Constitutionality

Stacie L. Chapman

Protecting the Things That Cannot Protect Themselves: Why Georgia Must Extend Protection to Its Living Natural Assets

Thomas 0. Rainey, IV

Unnecessary Roughness: Why the NFL Should Not Be Flagged for Antitrust Scrutiny in Labor Relations

Kimberly A. Colmey



Georgia General Assembly 2011 Legislative Session:

House Bill 30: Contracts; Illegal or Void

Ginger Fowler

House Bill 51: Commerce and Trade; Deposit on Beverage Containers; Recycling

Ethan Williams

House Bill 131: Conservation and Natural Resources; Certain Civil Penalties; Exempt State Agencies

Jenna L. Melton

House Bill 261: Disclosure; Certain Public Records Exempt

Kristen Turner

House Bill 402: Georgia Crime Information Center; Criminal Records

Joy Smith

House Resolution 186: Horse Racing; Pari-Mutuel Wagering

Jennifer K. Walker

Senate Bill 10: Alcoholic Beverages; If Approved by Referendum; Each County May Authorize Package Sales by Retailer on Sunday

Benjamin Stidham

Senate Bill 63: Georgia Medical Assistance Fraud Prevention Program

Viridiana G. Carreon

Senate Bill 80: Evidence; Provide for DNA Analysis of Persons Arrested for Felony Offenses

Tiffany Norris