Volume 4

Volume 4, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2011



Equitable Division of Property in Georgia: What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Ours Is Mine Too

Rebecca L. Crumrine & Rachel K. Miller

Fleeing Domestic Violence: A Proposal to Change the Inadequacies of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction in Domestic Violence Cases

Karen Brown Williams

Grow Up Georgia . . . It’s Time to Treat Our Children as Children

Elizabeth Locker

Fathers Matter: Anonymous Sperm Donation and the Age-Old Problem of Father Absence

Elizabeth Marquardt & Leah Ward Sears



Death and Disinheritance in Georgia: Reconciling Year’s Support and the Elective Share

Kristi L. Barbre

Time for Change: Handling Child Prostitution Cases in Georgia

K. Michael Baker

Georgia Delivers the Promise of Self-Determination: A Template for Mediating Cases in the Presence of Domestic Violence

Boris Y. Milter

The Marital Crime Exception: Why Georgia’s Marital Privilege Law Should Be Changed

Kenneth J. Lewis



Georgia General Assembly 2009 Legislative Session:

House Bill 351: Family-Planning Services; Define Certain Terms; Change Certain Provisions

House Bill 388: The Option of Adoption Act

House Bill 428: Department of Human Resources; Adopting a Special Needs Child; Providing Financial Assistance

Senate Bill 142: Family Violence; Increases to Family Violence Battery Penalties; Creation of the Georgia Family Violence Offender Registry

Senate Bill 169: Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos

Senate Bill 292: Courts; Juvenile Proceedings


Georgia General Assembly 2010 Legislative Session:

House Bill 884: Child Molestation; Aggravated Child Molestation

House Bill 897: Sexual Offenses; Assault Against Persons in Custody

House Bill 1085: Reunification of Family; Additional Case Plan and Permanency Requirements

House Bill 1433: Domestic Relations; International Marriage Brokers; Provide Regulation

Senate Bill 304: Offenses; Mandate a Minimum Age for the Prosecution of the Offenses of Prostitution

Senate Bill 471: Adoption; Require Home Study by Evaluator Prior to Placement of a Child

Senate Bill 529: Crimes and Offenses; Specify Certain Acts that Constitute Criminal Abortion