Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 6, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2012



State Contractual Liabilities and the Contract Clause: What Now?

Robert J. D ‘Agostino

Freedom of Speech and Government Employees: A Reasonable Test for the Digital Age

Frances E. Faircloth

Lessons from Positive Psychology for Developing Advocacy Skills

Nancy L. Schultz



Section 212(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act After Matter of Rodriquez

Viridiana G. Carreon

The “Magic Moment” of Honesty: Protecting Georgia’s Children and the Men That Did Not Create Them

Kristen A. Turner

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Wear It: Why the Innovative Design Protection Act of 2012 Is a False Hope for the Fashion Industry

Jenna L. Melton

Untying the Hands of Prosecutors in “Stand Your Ground” States: Rethinking the Jury Charge on Reasonableness for Altercations Occurring Outside One’s Home

J. Dave Williamson

Last Call for the Pike Test? The Constitutionality of State Unique-mark Requirements on Beverage Containers Under the Commerce Clause

Ethan S. Williams

18 U.S.C. § 1346 Honest Services Fraud: Eliminating the Duty Requirement

Michelle Thompson

Protecting a Frail Generation: Georgia’s Need for Civil Protections Against Elder Abuse

Ginger L. Fowler



Georgia General Assembly 2012 Legislative Session:

House Bill 204: Protecting Georgia Homeowners Act of 2011

Faith R. Lynn

House Bill 310: The End to Cyberbullying Act

Rachel M. South

House Bill 641: Courts; Juvenile Proceedings; Substantially Revise Provisions

Rachel R. Morelli

House Bill 692: Educational Professionals; Reduce Salary If Test Scores Were Falsified

Megan L. Matteucci

House Bill 954: Abortion; Criminal Abortion; Change Certain Provisions

M aureen R. Anderson

House Bill 1114: Homicide; Offering to Assist in Commission of Suicide; Repeal Certain Provisions

Robert M. Coggins

House Bill 1176: 2011 Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians

Samuel J. Sliger

Senate Bill 312: Public Assistance; Applicants for Food Stamps and Temporary Assistance; Require Personal Growth Activities

Irena Chernova