Volume 7, Number 1

Volume 7, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2013




“Under Pressure”: Basel III’s Capital Adequacy Requirements Squeeze Broker-Dealer Returns on Equity, Increase Need for the Imposition of Uniform Fiduciary Duties

Cory Howard and Neil Jonas

Third-party Retaliation: “The Shoes of an Employer”

Shannon McCambridge



To Be a Trans* Parent: How Emotional Abuse Statutes Facilitate Parents’ Acceptance of Their Children’s Gender Identity

Faith Lynn

The Imprecise Materiality Standard & Increased Disclosures Undercut the Objectives of the Securities Acts of 1933 & 1944

Nyotwa Shamapande



Georgia General Assembly 2013 Legislative Session: Senate Bill 141: Patient Injury Act

Elizabeth Blair Weatherly

House Bill 99: Malt Beverages; Amount Produced by a Person in His or Her Private Residence; Change

Clifton Robert Dorsen

House Bill 123: Parent and Teacher Empowerment Act

Leah A. Hightower

House Bill 303: The Gun Safety Act

Ken Warren Davis

House Bill 372: HOPE; Grant at Technical College or University Institutions; Revise Eligibility

Paul C. Kunst

House Bill 481: The Ethical Treatment of Embryos; Enact

Brandy Gentry